Annabeth and Annabelle

George marries an employ named Beth at Weasley's wizard wheezes but because of lack of money have to give up their first and only daughter. Oliver wood and Katie bell also give up their daughter because of lack of money. Is it just a coincidence they're at the same orphanage. Annabeth daughter of George and Beth and Annabelle daughter of Oliver Wood and Katie Bell at best friends their lives get changed when they get accepted at Hogwarts.


3. piano recital

Annabelle could walk again after the long uneventful week where she could barely go outside in the nice June weather. Annabeth and Annabelle's piano rehearsal was coming up. The girls were getting ready to go dress shopping. Rissy one of the workers was taking them. They were going to their favorite dress store MaineStreet.

Annabeth laid out her cleaned and ironed pink blouse with a black skirt and her black flats. Annabelle laid out a purple tank top with a black overcoat jean capris with purple flowers at the bottom and purple flats. They took their showers put on their robes are breakfast brushed their teeth and got dressed. Rissy led them into a silver van. Annabeth and Annabelle sat in the back seats and talked while Rissy drove them to MainStreet.

They got out of the car and entered the store. They started to look around Annabelle found a sparkly purple dress with a short sleeved white short jacket with some white shoes. Annabeth found a matching dress and jacket except pink instead of purple and black instead of white. They checked out and got back in the car. They drove back to the orphanage in silence.

When that got back to the orphanage Annabeth and Annabelle put their dresses in their closets. Then they went downstairs to eat a lunch of sandwiches grapes and broccoli. After lunch they went outside and picked a bunch of flowers some of them the put into vases and put them on tables and shelves in the orphanage the rest the brought down to the corner shop and got some spending money. Then they washed up for a dinner of meat pasta, tomatoes and cooked carrots

Then they went outside to sit by the river and talk. Then they ran around for a bit and sat down on the grass to watch the sunset. After the sunset they brushed their teeth and climbed into their beds and they lay awake talking about the piano recital.

On the day of the piano recital Annabeth and Annabelle both played their parts perfectly. Then they went home changed into some causal clothes and went down to lunch. The topic during lunch was Annabeth and Annabelle's birthdays. Seeing as it was June 27th their birthday party was in 7 days. In 7 days they'd celebrate their 11 birthday.

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