Annabeth and Annabelle

George marries an employ named Beth at Weasley's wizard wheezes but because of lack of money have to give up their first and only daughter. Oliver wood and Katie bell also give up their daughter because of lack of money. Is it just a coincidence they're at the same orphanage. Annabeth daughter of George and Beth and Annabelle daughter of Oliver Wood and Katie Bell at best friends their lives get changed when they get accepted at Hogwarts.


4. birthday day

Annabeth woke up on the day of her birthday. The fact that she was 11 felt different in a good way. Moments later Annabelle woke up.

"Happy Birthday" Annabelle said cheerfully.

Annabeth smiled and went over to her closet to pick out a nice outfit.

"What I don't get any response" Annabelle said.

"Good Morning" Annabeth responded.

Annabelle walked over to Annabeth and leaned against the closet door. Annabeth slowly looked through all her clothes. She quickly spotted something nice and got it out and laid it on her bed. Annabelle walked over to her closet to pick something out. She found something and laid it on her bed.

Annabeth grabbed her robe and went in the bathroom to take a shower. When she got out Annabelle went in to take her shower. Annabeth started to dry her hair. Annabelle walked out of the bathroom in her robe and she too began to dry her hair. Annabeth quickly got dressed and put her hair into a neat braid tied with a pink bow. Annabelle got dressed and put a purple headband in her hair.

The girls went down to breakfast and ate eggs bacon toast and pancakes with glasses of freshly squeezed orange juice. After breakfast they went outside and sat down on the stone steps. It was a hot summer day with a slight breeze the leaves slightly swayed and bumblebees buzzed in the air butterfly's flow down by the grass with the gentle trickle of the river. They took of their socks and shoes and walked in the grass.

"It's a beautiful day out" Annabelle exclaimed cheerfully.

"Yea" Annabeth said.

They walked around outside talking. Time was flying by so fast when suddenly a worker popped out and told them to wash up for lunch. The girls slipped their socks and shoes back on and went inside to wash up for lunch. They joined the lunch table and ate Annabeth's favorite lunch cheese ham lettuce and tomato sandwiches with fresh picked strawberries cucumbers and fresh lemonade. The rest of the day was normal.

Finally it was time for the birthday party. Annabeth and Annabelle both wore nice outfits. They went outside then inside for lunch. The lunch was delicious.

After lunch Annabeth and Annabelle's cake was brought out. The cake was themed like it was outside with a river 3 trees grass and butterfly's and bumblebees on toothpicks to make them look like they were flying. They cut the cake and sang happy birthday then they did presents. Annabeth and Annabelle both got some jewelry perfume and some new clothes.

They brought the gifts up to their room then left to join the party. Right after they joined the party one of the workers asked to speak with them in the main office. They both looked at each other wondering what they could of done wrong. They silently walked to the main office. When they entered the office they all sat down.

"Well girls" the worker said. "We got these letters today one for each of you" she pulled out 2 letters which had been opened. "We'd like you to read them"

The girls took the letters which were on think heavy parchment paper. They both began to read them suddenly their mouths began to open. They both finished reading but didn't say anything.

Suddenly Annabelle began to speak "But I can't be a I can't be"

"It's true" the worker said quietly. "All of it is you girls will be attending Hogwarts school of witch craft and wizardry"

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