Annabeth and Annabelle

George marries an employ named Beth at Weasley's wizard wheezes but because of lack of money have to give up their first and only daughter. Oliver wood and Katie bell also give up their daughter because of lack of money. Is it just a coincidence they're at the same orphanage. Annabeth daughter of George and Beth and Annabelle daughter of Oliver Wood and Katie Bell at best friends their lives get changed when they get accepted at Hogwarts.



Annabeth and Annabelle became BFFS they shared a room together and did practically everything together. They were like sisters the way they acted. But they were also different they could speak to animals and move things without touching them. And they always got out of situations. They celebrated their birthdays together usually on July 4th because Annabeth was born on July 1st and Annabelle was born on July 7th. They both loved to read and play outside. They both hated math and geology. 

One day when they were taking their piano lesson they were informed that their piano rehearsal was in 3 weeks. They were going to get new dresses. They would go shopping for the dresses in 2 weeks. Everyone at the orphanage did some sort of activity. Some did dance, ballet, piano, guitar, choir, and sports or swimming. 

The orphanage had 2 huge pools. It had good quality showers/bathtubs. It had a kitchen. It had a lot of nice things everyone enjoyed it there. But no one enjoyed it more than Annabeth and Annabelle did. They always had fun there. And the field trips were so much fun. 

One day Annabeth and Annabelle were outside with 2 weeks till their piano rehearsal when Annabelle fell down the hill and on to the pavement at one Annabeth rushed for help. Some of the orphanage workers came rushing out to Annabelle. They got her in a car and drove her to the hospital Annabeth rode along with them. They x-rayed Annabelle. The x-rays showed that she had a sprained ankle. The doctors said she shouldn't walk that much until 1 week. Annabeth helped Annabelle into the car and they all drove back to the orphanage without talking. When they got back to the orphanage Annabeth helped Annabelle up into their room. Later an orphanage worker brought up some flowers in a vase and put them on Annabelle's bedside table their smell went over the whole room making it smell amazing they fell asleep early. 

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