Annabeth and Annabelle

George marries an employ named Beth at Weasley's wizard wheezes but because of lack of money have to give up their first and only daughter. Oliver wood and Katie bell also give up their daughter because of lack of money. Is it just a coincidence they're at the same orphanage. Annabeth daughter of George and Beth and Annabelle daughter of Oliver Wood and Katie Bell at best friends their lives get changed when they get accepted at Hogwarts.


5. Authors Note.

Hey sorry I couldn't write I've been really busy with school stuff. If your reading this book thanks I really appreciate it soon I'll get a few chapters in my other 2 books done and I can publish those. One is called Why me. The other one is Voldemort's daughter. When they get published if you read them that'd mean so much to me. If you love Harry Potter you should read the book 9 years later by Baily Wilson I love that book so much. Once more thanks for reading this book if you think of stuff that I should put in the book or change or something like that comment it and I'll take your advice into account. Thank you all so much I luv ya guys.😘😘😘😝😜😝

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