19 year old Ava Springs is enjoying life until her father bids her a
To a scary man whom she must do everything he asks for. Even sex. She starts to feel an attraction forward his soft spot and is determined to change him. Does she succeed or does he just keep using her?


2. TWO

When we pulled in the driveway, I noticed their were no windows, and the place looked like something a minor definitely shouldn't be allowed in. I sucked in the air. I smelled rum. I was so glad I finally got an id and I was old enough to drink. Though not but any.

My dad made his way in and I followed. I saw my dad call for a few lemon shots and a beer and he chugged them down quickly. He was going to waste all of his pocket money for alcohol until he was gamble ready. Like he did every night.

"Ok." A man with dark brown hair said. He had a beer gut and wore a tuxedo that looked a little to small for him. "Lucas, your up next. Hope you got something to bid." My dad smiled and pulled out a handful of bills fro his hand. He laid them on the table and piled a few chips over them. I decided to go up to the var and get a drink while I wait for him. It usually took my dad forever to play. Until he gets tired is when I take him home.

I looked around the room. My eyes stopped on one guy oh was staring at me. His face was covered and he was wearing a hooded sweatshirt over his head. He noticed me staring back and grinned. I turned back away quickly and drank more of my rum, my face getting hot.

I stopped when I heard my dad making angry shouts and flipping over chips and money everywhere. "Lucas. You lost yet again. If you have anything else to bid please do before I call the next person." The tux guy said. My dad searched his pockets; empty. He checked his wallet; empty. He screamed in frustration. He wasn't going to stop until he got more alcohol.

I ran up to him shaking his arm. "Father. You've had enough. Let's get you home." I pulled him up and tried to push him through the door. He wouldn't move. "Father, it's time to go." I said a little more sternly.

He only chuckled. He wrapped his arms around my shoulder. I stiffened. "You think I'm done now?" My father said, falling over a little until I caught him. "I have my daughter here. A whole $1000 and I you win you keep her. You lose, and I get my daughter and the money."

"No. Father. Please don't do this." I said in a whisper but he slapped my face. I cried out and sank to the floor. A bunch of men stood, suddenly alert at the situation. No one stood for minutes and I couldn't wait until my father gave up and took me home. But the man in the hooded sweatshirt lifted up a stack of cash and threw them on the table, sitting down. He was going to play.

I started to tear up. Oh father please win this one. Just please. Please. I continued to silently cry. It had been minutes and they were both still at a tie. Then I hears my dad scream, a table flipped, punches being thrown. My dad lost. I sunk to my knees only to find a man walking up to me. As I looked a little up, the guy was so close hid bulge was in my face. I scooted beck until he grabbed me by the shoulder, lifting me of the ground. "You serve me now." He said, a playful smirk on his face. He picked me up over his shoulders and took me to his car and laid me down in the back seat. "Stay there. I'm taking you to my place. I stater to whimper and bang at the door so he handcuffed me and put duck tape over my mouth. I felt a tear come out of my eyes as I lay there in the back of a strangers car, lifeless. My eyes get heavy and I close my eyes and sleep.

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