19 year old Ava Springs is enjoying life until her father bids her a
To a scary man whom she must do everything he asks for. Even sex. She starts to feel an attraction forward his soft spot and is determined to change him. Does she succeed or does he just keep using her?


1. ONE

Mother and father had made me promise to never talk to strangers, don't do any drugs, an don't have sex until I'm married. That was ages ago and yet, I lived by those rules as though they had just told me them.

I was 14 when my mom passed. My dad still lives here though. Tomorrow, I was turning 19.

"Ava! Your friend is here to get your birthday outfit ready!" My oldest brother called to me. I yelled a thank you to him and stood up to open. My bedroom door. Harriet came in with her favorite dress on. She loved pink. I hated it. I always went with a simple black, gray, or sometimes on days when I feel like matching my eye color and birthstone, blue. Yep I was born on December 23, 1993.

"Ok so what are you going to wear?" Harriet asked looking through my closet of dresses.

"Umm...I was thinking this one." I held up a dress that came all the way to my feet, the cheat part would come all the way to my collarbone with long sleeves, and a huge U in the back to reveal my entire back.

"Ugh no. If you want a guys attention, your going to show more then just back. You gotta show cleavage ok. And don't worry, I know your step brother always tries to get with you so I'll watch after you." She said and handed me a dress that was tight around the torso and then fluffed at my waist and stopped a little below my ass. It revealed like half of my breast and also would show my care back. Great. I got to be a slut for my birthday


It was the 23 and Harriet was helping me get my dress on. As soon as she was done, I looked at myself in the mirror. Not bad. "Looking sexy, Ava." My step brother, Darien, said peeking through the door. I scoffed and walked past him to greet my guests.

"Hey!" Darien called and started following me. "Come on baby. Wouldn't you rather spend your birthday with me instead of a bunch of other guys?" He grabbed my waist and moved them to my ass.

I pushed him away from me. "Don't touch me, Darien." I was walking off when I felt him push me against the wall hard. I struggled to get free but he held me there, tightly holding my wrist.

"Don't scream or I will hurt you." He said and kissed my neck. I was trying to squirm away but he kept pushing his body against me more until the life was being sucked out of me. His kissed moved slowly to my breast but I kneed him in the crotch. He loosened his grip enough for me to run away and hide in the group of other guests.


Once the party was over, I cleaned up the house. "Ava, I'm heading out to the night club to gamble. Did you want to join?" My dad ,Lucas, called while I was in my room.

"Sure dad. You'll need a ride home anyways." He laughed and I quickly got dressed.

I was wearing a short skirt with a button up white blouse to go with it. I grabbed my sling bag and flats as I ran down to greet father. When I walked out I could see Darien eyeball my outfit but I ignored him quickly.

"Ready?" My father asked. I nodded smiling. We set off.

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