Daniela was living her life as a normal teena ger, till a new guy moved into the house in front of her and changes her life.


2. the hospital

It was a windy rainy day on May 15, 2014. I was on my way to school. As I looked out my window I could see the lightening strike the ground, as the thunder roared like a tiger. I finally got to my school, I ran into the building so I wouldn’t get wet.

 My school wasn't big at all. I went to Monahans High School. MHS was an okay school; I mean I wish it was just a little bigger. The hallways get clustered up, but that's mostly because people stop in the middle of the hall or people just walk to slow. My first period, was one of the first class rooms, so I didn’t have to walk far.

            I got into my first period class, it was a science class. I walked to my desk which was the second to desk on the first column. I got to my desk and took off my MSH black sweater, and fixed my "geek “gray shirt. I sat down and tucked in my laces to my black and yellow DC shows. I waited for the bell to ring, so class to start. The bell finally rung and everyone went to their seat. I talked to my friend Reba, who sent in front of me while we waited for our teacher to come in to class. Finally my teacher came in and she started talking about DNA, I dosed off and started to dream.

   "Hey, Daniela." Devan said. "Hi," I said back, we talked as we walked down this pink road. "Hey where are we going?" I finally said. "I’m not sure I thought you knew?" He replied. "No, vie never been her in my life. It looks pretty weird though. Pink road and all, “I said.”Yeah, it is weird. Hey, look ahead its getting really dark. I don't think we should go over there." Devan said as he stopped walking. “Don’t be a baby about it, I need to get home and it looks as if this is the only way." I said as I continued to walk. “Okay, I guess," he said as he followed behind.

               It started to get windy and we saw thunder ahead, but we continued to walk. As we started walking we road began to get much narrow as we went down the street. Finally the road started to get wider, but it also the pinks started fading away to a gray color. We didn’t think much of it. Then all of a sudden we hear a loud notice. Lightening stuck the road before us and the road started to cave in. We tried to run in the other direction, "oh my god, we are doomed!" I said as we ran. "Don’t say that!" Devan said. The road caught up to me and I slipped but cough myself on the edge, “HELP ME!" I screamed. Devan grabbed my hand, but I couldn't hold on any longer.

               I fell into the black bottom less pit, I screamed as I fell to my death. I finally woke up from my dream with a loud scream. The whole class looked at me as if I had just murdered a famous actor or something. "Are you okay Daniela?" my teacher asked. "Yeah, I’m fine; just saw a really big bug.” I said, she didn’t ask me anything else. I sat at my desk wondering why I had a dream so horrible. It was only a dream, it didn’t mean anything, and I told myself as I walked to my locker, but I knew that was a lie.

              Finally school had ended and I walked back home. The day had brightened up a bit, it was no longer raining but there was a nice breeze and the clouds were still gray. As I walked I stopped at the park not too far from my house. I sat on a bench and looked up at the sky. I suddenly heard a noise behind me; I turned to look there was no one. I got the chills all over, I felt as if someone was watching me.

            I got up from the bench and I started walking away, till I remembered I left my jacket on the bench; I turned around and got it. As soon as I turn back I see this guy. He was tall, thin, had black hair. He walked towards me, as I watched him come closer to me; I continued to check him out. His t-shirt was an old warn out band t-shirt, he had faded blue skinny jeans with black DC shoes. He finally reached me,

            "Hey," he said as he smiled. I looked at him, he had blue gray eyes and freckles, " Um, Hi,' I said trying not to stare into his eyes.”I know you don’t know me, I just moved to town. I live in the house across from you. I saw you leave this morning. I'm not trying to be stalker if that's what you think. “He said as he smiled at me laughing a little.”Oh, no I didn’t think that," I said as I giggled a little. “I didn’t know I had new neighbors, I really don’t leave my house nor go outside. I’m Daniela by the way. “I said, “Nice to meet you Daniela, my name is Ryan.” He said with a small smile. "Are you walking home?” I asked him as I fixed my bag. "Yes I am do you mind if I walk with you?" He asked. "Not at all had I told him, as I began to walk towards my house.

We talked to about ourselves as we walked, "well hmm I'm 18, I hate school," he said with a small laugh. "I like heavy metal and punk music, my favorite color is black. I like to skateboard. I'm an only child. I think that's about it, your turn."

            Umm, I’m 15, born on 9-11. I know bad day, “I said before he could say anything. “I like to read, write, sing, text, eat, sleep, and I kind of like school. I’m a big book work; I have school smart, just not street smarts. I love penguins; favorite colors are black and blue. I also like heavy metal and punk music. I have a little brother and that’s about it” I said as we walked in to the school.  “I repaid. By this time I had already reached my house.

            “That’s cool, well, it was nice meeting you," Ryan said. "It was nice meeting you to,” I said with a light smile. "Hey, if it’s not too soon, can I have your number?" He asked trying not to blush.  "Sure," I said as I took out my phone and gave it him, so he cans text himself. "Thanks," He said with a smile on his face as he handed me my phone back. I smiled and waved bye to him as I turned around went into my gate.

              I walked in to my house and threw my bag into my room as I headed for the kitchen. As I looked in the fridge, nothing caught my eye as always. I headed back to my room and laid on my bed. By this time Ryan had already texted me.

~Our conversation~

Ryan: Hey

Me: Hey sweet thang

Ryan Sweet thang

Me: It’s something I call everyone

Ryan: Oh, anyways what are you doing?

Me: Nothing just here in bed texting you.

Ryan that sounds cool

Me: yeah, I guess you can say that. So, what made you talk to me at the park?

Ryan: Oh, nothing really, I had seen you this morning and I thought you were pretty. So, when I noticed you walking me though I’d take my chance.

Me: Oh, awe (:

Ryan: ha, yeah

Me: What grade you in?

Ryan: I’m a senior, you

Me: Oh that’s cool; I’m a little fishy cx

Ryan: Awe, you're all small XD

Me: Shh XD

Ryan: So do you walk home after school every day?

Me: Yes x.x

Ryan: Cool, you mind if I walk with you?

Me: not at all :)

Ryan: yay ha-ha XD

            As the day went on Ryan and me texted all that day. The next day came and Ryan met me in front of the school. I showed him where his classes were. We ended up having three classes together, (art health, and p.e.).

            When it came to lunch, Ryan and I walked over to sonic. Since we went to a small school, we had off-campuses lunch, that and art was the only fun thing about school, if you ask me. We got our food and head to the park. We had an hour lunch, so we sat there and talked. As soon as we finished eating we had 10 minutes to walk back to school

              As we walked back to school, we started talking, “so where are you from?” I asked him as we walked. "I’m from El Paso, have you always lived here in Monahans.” He asked, No, I’m from Del Rio. I moved here in August." I replied "That nice, I don’t like it here so far. I’m not used to it being so small.” He said sounding like he was irritated by the fact that Monahans was so tiny. "Me either, where I’m from it not big like El Paso, but is sure is bigger than here." I said.” Why did you move here?" He asked me. "My dad got work here and my mom was tired of us not being a 'family' so we came here sadly." I replied. “You don’t like it here?" He asked. “I do it's just you get tired of it. I don’t really ever do any but stay at home that gets so tiring, I wish there was more to do here in this Oh, we that’s true. I'm going to miss my star bucks,” he said with a laugh as we walked to our art class.

            He took the seat next to the left of me, as I introduced him to my friends who sat on the other side. As we worked on our boot project we talked and laughed. Art went by pretty fast, u gated that I. art was one of my favorite class.

            We put up our stuff and walked to the front of the class to the door. W e did thus every day, the last five minutes of class we put up our stuff and wait by the door for the bell to ring.  If you ask me I think those are the longest five minutes of my life.

After waiting for what seemed a century the bell finally rung and we left for our 7th period class. Ryan and u walked to our class, they were right next to each other. I kind of thought it was funny that most of our classed were close by.  My next class was English; I sat with my friend Taylor.

“So, who’s that new kid you’ve been hanging out with all day?” she said with a wink and a giggle. “He’s my neighbor, “I said laughing. “Well, he’s cute. He’s so into you!” She said with excitement.” I looked at her as id she was talking in another language. ." I don’t think so, but you can think what you can," I said smiling. “But there is one weird thing about him." I said as I got my notebook out of my bag. “What is it?" Taylor asked. “Well that way I met him. I was at the park and I hadn’t even seen him then all of the sudden he had appeared out of nowhere.  He said he had seen me that morning and had seen me walking home. Well, to me that’s a bit stalker, at least I think. ‘I said with a little laugh. Taylor looked at me and laughed, Okay, yeah a little bit of a stalker, but hey at least he’s cute and not all old.” I looked at her and laughed.

The bell rung and our teacher started giving some speech about Romeo and Juliet. As usual I didn’t pay attention. I took out my notebook and began to draw. I started to draw a dream catcher; I drew a heart with butterfly’s wings on it. As I colored in the background different colors I heard a big bang.   I looked up and I saw this big creature.

It had to be over 8 feet tall; I looked up and screamed as I got up, it jumped right in front of me, all I could see was his big long fangs and brown matted hair. He roared so big that it blew me away and I hit a wall. I tried to get up, but I was too weak. I fell back on the floor, he came towards me and I blacked out.

As I woke up, I saw myself in a large white room. There were ivies in my arm and I had liquid bags bumping some sort of liquid in my body.  I looked around but everything seemed so bright. I closed my eyes again, and knocked out. Around two hours later I woke up, I tried to stand up, but I felt too weak. I turned my head to see I wasn’t alone; Ryan was asleep on the couch next to me.  I kept looking at him wondering why he was in the room asleep waiting for me. Why was I here in the first place? How did I even get here?

          I Started at Ryan till he woke up,

Ryan: hey look at whose awake now

Me: How did I get here?

Ryan: the school called an ambulance when you hit the wall; you took a pretty hard hit.

Me: how do you know that? You weren’t even in the room.

Ryan: the beast had knocked the wall next to your class, I saw everything.

Me: oh...

Ryan: yeah, once you hit the wall, the beast ran in the opposite direction and I ran towards you to make sure you were ok.

Me: oh okay. That was weird where did that beast come from? Did they catch it?

Ryan: No one knows, and no they weren’t able to get it.


          I looked at him and my eyes dropped to the floor. He tried to change the subject, but I couldn’t get the fact that the beast that hurt me was still out there.  I looked away outside the window. It was getting dark but I could see lightening in the sky. The thunder started to roar loud, I looked at Ryan wondering how long he had been here.


Me: Are you okay?

Ryan: Yeah just a few scratches nothing major.

Me: That’s hood, how long have you been here?

Ryan: since after school, I wanted to make sure you were okay.

Me: Awe, that’s sweet.

Ryan: ha yeah.


          Ryan then got a phone call and walked outside the room, I could hear him but it all sounded like a mumble. I tried to listen but it was no use, after about 20 minutes he finally came back in. I looked at him and he smiled at me, his smile was warm and nice. He went back and sat down where he was before.


Me: have you seen my phone?

Ryan: Yeah, it’s in your book bag, do you want it? I’ll get it for you.

Me: Yeah please.

          Ryan went over to my book bag and gave me my phoned. I turned it once he gave it to me. It finally turned on after about 3 minutes, as it turned on my phone started to buzz like crazy. I had all these notifications. Twenty-three text messages, ten kik notifications, fifteen facebook messages.  I checked and replied to all of them. They were all mostly the same thing, asking if I was okay. But I had one text message that was odd, and it came from an unknown number.


Unknown number: Awe, poor Daniela got attack by a monster. To bed you live. Maybe I should have sent an even bigger and dangerous monster after you next time. Maybe then you will learn to steal what’s not yours.  But for now you better be careful because the damage has been done and there is no going back now. Welcome to your new life sweetie.


          I looked at my phone weird wondering who could have possibly sent me this. What had I done? I don’t even really talk to anyone. Was that monster really meant for me? I looked at Ryan who was texting someone, “hey Ryan, did anyone else get hurt?”He looked up from his phone, “Umm, no just you why?” That’s when I knew, I gave him a fake smile.” just wondering, I’m glad no one else got hurt. I should have paid more attention.” “Don’t think like that, it’s not your fault.” I looked at him and gave him a small fake smile.


          I didn’t want to tell Ryan anything about the text till I knew more about it and who had been sending it. It started raining harder and Ryan stayed. I thought it was sweet of him to stay there at the hospital with me. I didn’t want to be alone in a creepy old pale room by myself knowing that someone is out to hurt me. I started thinking a maybe Taylor was right. I think he did like me. I smiled as I thought about him liking me. “Hey why you happy?” Ryan said at me as he smiled softly. I hadn’t noticed that he had lip piercings, “Oh just thinking of something,” I said still smiling.


“Ha, well I’m glad you’re smiling, you have a beautiful smile,” he said. I felt my cheeks flush and I know I was blushing like crazy, which made me smile even bigger then I already was. I saw him even smile bigger as his cheeked turned a little red. I was glad I wasn’t the only one turning into a tomato. I looked outside and it seemed as if the rain harder than it already was. I looked at Ryan, “Wow it has never rained this hard ever,” I said trying to break the silence. “Ha, yeah,” he said with a little chuckle.


          I lay back in the bed and the light shut off, “Ryan!” I screamed. “ I’m right here don’t worry,” he said as he turned on his flashlight on his phone and sat on the bed next to me, “ don’t worry the storm must have knocked out the power,” he said as he patted my hand. I felt the a little better knowing I wasn’t alone. A nurse came by to check if we were okay, “Hey guys don’t worry the light will be on soon.” The nurse said as she popped her head in the door. I looked at Ryan, “I wish the light would come on already.


          I looked at Ryan, who was texting, someone. I leaned forward to see who it was, but I had no luck. I looked outside the window and lightening struck the ground, “Ah!” I said as I jumped a little. Ryan held me close, the lights suddenly came back on and I looked up at Ryan. He looked down at me and smiled, “its okay, just lightening.” I sat up, “ha yeah I know, just still a little scared.” “There is no reason to be scared, I’m here,” he said with a warm smile.


          I stood up and put on these slippers the hospital provided and I walked out the room and Ryan followed me. As we went walked down the hall way the lights flickered. I walked slowly trying not to make any noise, I felt as if I was back in a dream, but I know this was no dream. Ryan was right in back of me, I started to get wonder why there weren’t any nurses around, we started to reach a dead end, we turned to the right and we walked down the hall.

As we got to the middle of the hall way the lights suddenly turned off, I backed up a little and ran into Ryan. He grabbed me before I could fall, “Hey you ok?” “Yeah,” I replied the lights came back on and there was a small black figure at the end of the hall, I squinted my eyes and tried to see what it was, but I had no use.  I slowly walked closer to it, and I heard a small light growl. I stopped in my steps and turned around and I started to run in the opposite direction. Ryan followed and the lights started to turn off one by one as it got closer to us. The hall way started to stretch, the ground started to shake, and we had to stop and hold on to the wall. The floor started to break apart as a big hideous creature came out, I screamed at the top of my lungs as I backed up into Ryan we both fell on the floor and the creature got my foot and started pulling me close to him. I screamed and try to kick him away but it was no use.


The monster pulled me closer and closer, I screamed and Ryan grabbed me by the arm and started pulling me close to him. He pulled me as hard as he could, but the monster was a little stronger. I felt like a rope of tug-of-war, I wanted Ryan to pull me out of the monsters grip. Out of nowhere the monster pulled me so hard the Ryan fell on top of me, I grunted and the monster pulled us both into the hole it had came from. We fell to the floor, the monster ran somewhere off in another direction, I tried getting up but my back was hurting too much, Ryan got up and was able to help me to my feet

          We looked around but we couldn’t tell where we were, everything looked old and broken. “Hey where are we?” Ryan asked me as he looked around. “I don’t know,” I replied. We started walking down a hallway; there was dust all over, spider webs in every corner. I had never seen a spider web the size of my head. The floors creaked as we took a step; I made sure to be as close to Ryan as possible. With every step we took I felt chilled run through my body.


          We walked for about an hour, my feet were aching, and I just wanted to go back to my room. After about another hour of walking we saw this door at t he end of the hall, we walked over to it. We tried to open it, at first it was a little hard, and we managed to finally open it. The room led us to a bright large room, this room wasn’t dirty nor did it have any spider webs. Had we died and gone to heaven I asked myself. We walking into the room, it was empty but o the far right was a big black door. I walked over to it, and studied the door. I turned the knob and pulled, Ryan can in back of me and helped me open the door. Once we got it open all we saw was a narrow long hallway, with red velvet colored walls and carpets with black trimming. We followed the hallways which seem to be a never ending walk. I sat on the floor in pain, I felt as if my feet were going to fall off.


          “I am too tired to walk; I don’t want to walk anymore.” I said as I looked up at Ryan. He looked down at me and at right next to me, “just a little longer, I bet we are almost there.” I got up started walking again, Ryan followed after me. As we walked we felt the ground shake a little as if there was a monster on the floor above us. Ryan grabbed my hand and gave me a don’t worry looked.


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