Daniela was living her life as a normal teena ger, till a new guy moved into the house in front of her and changes her life.


3. Hurt and Dreaming

      Finally we reached a stair case that lead up back into the hospital; I thought to myself why in the world was there a staircase down here, and if someone was coming down here why didn’t the ever clean it? We went up the staircase which leads us back into the hospital. We walked back to my room which seemed to be destroyed, I looked around at once was a big white clean room to a room with what seemed to be blood all over the way dripping down. I screamed at what I saw. I had never seen a room so messed up, Ryan’s face was pale and white as if he had seen a ghost. His eyes got big as he examined the room.


          I wanted to cry, I had never seen something so horrific. Who could be that cruel, Ryan, there is something I need to tell you,” I said as turned to Ryan. He looked at me very serious, “what’s up?” I took out my phone and went into my messages, “okay, well earlier when you gave me my phone I got a message from an unknown number,” I said as I showed him the message. He read the message as his eyes grew wider, “who sent you this, and do you have any other messages?” Ryan asked me as he handing me my phone back. “No I don’t know who this is, and no that’s the only message I have received, but looking at what has been happening I can tell this is pretty serious.” I saw as I took my phone. “Well you need to find out who is sending you this; I don’t want to see you get hurt.” He said as he took my hand. I looked up at him and smiled, “I’m not going to get hurt; at least I hope I don’t.”


          We walked out of the too go find a nurse. “Hey, we need help call the police,” I told the nurse as I got her by the arm and dragged her back to my room, Ryan ran behind us as he started to call 9-1-1. “Someone has been murdered and there is blood is splattered all over my room!” I said in panic as tears rolled down my cheek. As we got into the room I stopped and started at the large white untouched room. I became white as a ghost, “sweeties are you okay? “ The nurse asked me as she touched my forehead and looked at me funny. “No, there was just blood everywhere!, Ryan tell her!,” I looked at Ryan who began to have a seizure, I screamed the nurse yelled for more nurses to come and help as she grabbed his head so it wouldn’t bang on the floor. Tears ran down my cheek as I watched the nurse take him away, I tried to run after them but another nurse stopped me, I tried to get out of her grip but it didn’t budge, I finally stopped and feel to the floor, I felt as if my whole world was falling apart.


          Four hours later they let me into the room with Ryan, he looked so pail and sick. How could this have happened? He was perfectly fine earlier. I took a seat next to him and waited for him to wake up, after what seemed to be forever he finally work up. “Hey you feel okay?” I asked him as I let go of his hand and scooted forward. He looked at me and his eyes slowly closed, he tried to keep his eye open, but it was no use, he feel back asleep.  I looked at him with a sad face worried about him. I know we hadn’t known each other for so long, but he was the only one there for me.


          I got up and walked to the cafeteria, as I walked I got the chills and I felt as if a fan blew in my face. I stood there and looked around, “why did it get so cold all of a sudden? What’s going on?” I thought to myself as I slowly began to walk again. I heard a big bang come from behind me and as I turned around quickly the lights turned off, the windows broke and the wind began to beat me up. I feel to the floor as I felt a slam to face, I touched my stinging cheer. I reached for my phone in my pocket till I remembered I had left it with Ryan on his bed. I sat there on the floor covering my face as the wind continued to beat me. I felt punches to my body, I screamed out in pain as the tears rushed through my face. The wind stopped and the lights came up. I looked up and I saw cuts and bruises all over my body.


          A black figure stood by the wall, “awe, poor Daniela, today just does not seem to be your day.  You just keep getting hurt, but it could be worse,” the unknown woman said. All I could see was her bright red lips and white teeth. I felt tears come down my cheer, “who are you? Why are you doing this to me?” I said as I screamed. I felt my face hot as the tears rolled down my cheek. The woman smiled then let out a small smile, “you still haven’t gotten it. Didn’t your parents teach you not to take was not yours? I guess not since that is exactly what you did. Don’t worry, its okay if you didn’t listen to your parents, I will put you down into you place and make you listen no matter what. For now you have to learn though. Be ready this is only the beginning.” She said. All of a sudden the lights when off and on and she was gone. I got up and ran to Ryan.


          Once I got to his room he was up and sitting as if nothing happened. I ran into his arms crying, “omg what happen? Are you okay?” He said as he held me in his arms.  He looked down at me and patted my head, he was quiet for a little while, the silence finally broke and I sat up on the bed and told him what had happened. He took a towel and cleaned my cuts from my face and arms, I flinched as he did it but I didn’t complain. “How could someone do that to you, do you know who is doing this?” He said with anger in his voice. I lowered my head in shame because I couldn’t answer him. I did not who was doing this and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to know.


          Ryan gave me the towel and I cleaned the blood from my legs. When I finished the towel was full of blood and I felt light headed. I laid on the bed and Ryan sat on the chair next to me. I started to doze off but I fought to stay away. Ryan talked to me so I wouldn’t fall asleep, we talked about the lady and if there was any chance I knew who she was. I thought to myself, who hates me that bad to do something like that. As I laid there and thought about it my sleep over came my body and I feel asleep. I started to dream.


          As I looked around the room it was dark and empty, the only light I had was from the moon light that shined through the windows. I was in some sort of old castle. I got up and dusted myself off and started to walk around. I followed this long hallway, the floors were marbled and cold I felt chills every time I took a step. As I walked I heard the wolves howl, I felt as if someone was following me, I slowly turned to see if someone was watching me. I saw nothing, “Okay, this is weird, where am I?” as I thought to myself. As I walked it began to rain, the rain looked pretty. I stopped to enjoy the view, as I watched the rain I felt a hand lay on my shoulder. I turned around to see my friend Jenny, “Omg! You scared me!” I said as I hit her arm. “Sorry due didn’t mean to,” she said as she laughed. “Hey where are we?” I asked her. “Um in not sure, I just randomly woke up on the floor so I started walking. Then I randomly saw you here.” She said as we started walking. “Oh that’s weird, anyways do you have any phone service?” I asked her. She took out her phone and looked at it, “hmm that’s weird I just had a full battery not too long ago.” “Wow that is weird; I don’t know where my phone is. Who ever brought me here must have taken it.” Jenny didn’t say anything after that, we walked in silence. The rain had begun to come down harder, and as we walked it seemed as if we were going in circles.


          “Hey maybe we should split up, it seems like we are getting nowhere,” Jenny said. I nodded my head and started to walk in a different direction. I stopped to look out the window again. I don’t know why I just love the rain, as I stood there I heard a door creek open. I turned around to see an old wooden door wide open, I thought about going in there. I slowly began to walk in to the door. “Hello?” I called out but there was no answer. I looked around the room, it had look like a master bed room. “Whoa! This is cool, “I said as I looked around in amazement.


          I sat on the bed, for some reason I thus room wasn’t filled with dirt and spiders. I had expected it to be dirty, but I guess someone lived here. I laid down. The bed was so soft I felt as if I was laying down on a cloud.

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