You And I

Cover made by the amazing and awesome Herleen28

When in love with someone things tend go wrong people will be broken and hearts will be torn apart just like these two people right here.

Angel lost her sister a few years ago to suicide

Justin got hurt by his ex Marie

When Angel and Justin meet their whole world is turned around, Angel finds way to bring down the walls surrounding her heart and Justin finds it easy to love again but love is not a safety ride.

Join Angel and Justin in their story of Romance, Heartbreak, Past, Friendship and Mistakes.


3. 3

Angel's POV


The weekend had come Justin and I had spent almost everyday together and I loved it, he knew some of my secrets and I knew some of his, its like we have been best friends for ages. Today Justin was taking me to a game arcade called 'Tarza Fun' and I was so excited, I had never been to a game arcade before only because my parents are strict and I have been excited ever since Justin asked me to go. When I was dressed I still couldn't keep my excitement levels down but I had to because my parents where home.

I heard Justin's car horn beep and I squealed slightly running down the stairs and grabbing my bag on the way down, this was going to be the best day of my life, when I got into his car Justin gave me a friendly kiss on the cheek.

"You excited?" He asked, I knew he was egging me on.

"Yes I am I have been all week" I said which made him laugh and start the car.

The whole car ride was just Justin and I singing to random songs on the radio, I haven't told him about my sister but I want to. But than again I am scared of what he would think of if I cried in front of him, I mean Justin seems so lovely but you never know he may not like the fact I still grieve over my sister. When Justin reached the arcade my excitement grew up again, Justin could see how happy I was, the arcade looked so good inside and out from the car but I bet its better up close and I was right it was.

As Justin and I entered the arcade, my mouth dropped a little there so many females and men, my parents said this was always a waste of time but I think people come here to have fun and de-stress.

"So what first?" Justin asked.

"I don't know you choose I'm still excited" I said.

"How about car racing they are easy well to me they are" He said.

"Sure" I said and we walked over to two spare seats.

Before I could grab any money Justin handed me a 2 dollar coin and I just looked at him raising an eyebrow, he knows I hate it when people give me money for things.

"Take it" He said, I sighed and took the coin placing it into the slot and Justin told me what I needed to do.

I could see him smile every-time I smiled, what does that even mean? I'm new to this whole friend thing since I've never really had any who cared for me. But at the end Justin had one, I came second I was still proud at what I came since I was new, Justin grabbed my hand.

"Nice driving" Justin said and dragged me to some other games.

During the day I had won a lot of tickets through the ticket games where Justin didn't have much luck, I would always hit jackpot while he got nothing, I felt bad for him though.

"Are you sure you haven't been to an arcade before?" Justin asked I could hear the smirk in your voice.

"Yup I'm just good" I smile back.

"I can see that you are really good, we should come here more often could be our friendship place" Justin smiled as he leaned against a game.

"Sounds like a plan" I said and grabbed the 8000 tickets I had won from a game. "Here" I said to Justin as I gave him half I had 12000 tickets and I halved.

"You don't have to" Justin said,

"Take it" I said.

"Okay... Okay" He smirked and grabbed the tickets I handed him, "Thank you Angel. You know you are defiantly an angel" He said I couldn't help but blush.

When we finished in the arcade, Justin got me a teddy bear with his tickets and I named the bear Justin. When i told him he just smiled and grabbed my hand as we walked into the food court and I was buying this time. As we sat down Justin knew I had grown quiet and he wanted to know why.

"Are you okay Angel?" Justin asked, I could hear the concern in his voice.

I was still scared about telling him, I looked up and shrugged I was also scared about losing him. I couldn't lose another person who meant the world to me not again anyway, I know Justin and I have only know each other for a few weeks but still it hurts to think about it.

"Alright what is wrong? You know you can tell me anything" Justin said giving my hand a little squeeze.

"I'm just scared I guess" I said looking up at him and I knew than i had to explain everything so I did. I explained everything about my so called friends turning their backs on me and also my sister, she was one of the people I could count on for everything.

In a split second Justin was next to me and hugging me softly, he whispered calming words into my ear as he rubbed my back. But could I believe Justin? I mean I should but it still scares me knowing he could die any second, I know that every where around the world someone dies every second of the day and I was scared it was going to be him. But Bec always told me to take risks and that is what I was going to do, I was going to listen to my best sister and friend and take a risk. 

After the mall Justin took me back to his house where we sat on the couch in his room and watched a couple of action filled movies, I loved action movies my favourite action movie would have to be X-Men Hugh Jackmon is so hot. But I knew this day would be coming to an end, I enjoyed hanging out with Justin, he makes me so happy just like Bec did. If you are looking down Bec please make sure Justin will be okay. Justin was letting me stay the night which was cool, I text my parents and told that I was staying at a friends house and they didn't seem to care.

We were cut off by the front door opening.

"Justin are you home?" A girl asked.

"Yeah Willow" Justin said and she poped her head in.

Man she was sp pretty.

"Hi I'm Willow, Justin's younger sister and you must be Angel he can't stop talking about you" Willow said and shook my head, I giggled when Justin cleared his throat to Willow. "Sorry Justin" Willow smirked and left his room.

At least they have a good relationship as siblings, my younger sister is such a snob and that's the way my parents brought her up to be. I looked at Justin and smiled a little I could see his face going read.

"Justin don't you worry I write about you in my diary and its cute you talk about me" I said kissing his cheek in a friendly way.

That night Justin and I fell asleep on his bed curled up in each others arms, something tells me we might go further than a friendship and I was excited for that. The next day I was home alone, Justin dropped me off home because he had work I didn't work on Sundays but Justin did, I didn't mind but every-time I thought of him my mind would flutter. I know I am falling in love with Justin I just hope he is falling for me back, I would be an idiot if he didn't.



Justin's POV


At work the next day I couldn't get Angel out of my head, my boss and best friend Jason walked over to me with a smile on his face.

"New girl in your life?" He asked.

"Sort of we are friends, I like her a lot but I'm not so sure she likes me. Yes we met only a few weeks okay but I love her, I have ever since I saw her in that book store" I said and looked up at Jason who was smiling like crazy.

"Don't worry love at first sight, I fell in love with Mina when I first saw her and we've been together for two years almost three" Jason said.

"I know you wouldn't stop talking about her" I said.

"Just like Angel" Jason smiled harder.

"Yes just like Angel but you've seen how pretty Angel is" I said.

"Yeah I have and she is fuckin Georges, if you don't ask her out, I will for you" Jason said before walking off into the back again.

I sighed, but what if Angel doesn't like me back? I know that she is scared about losing me but she will never lose me. I am scared about getting hurt again, after Marie I stayed away from girls but than I saw Angel, she was just so beautiful she looks and acts like an Angel. It sucks she has bee treated like crap by her parents and friends, her little sister even hates her, but I know I could never hate Angel, she is too perfect. When I arrived home I noticed that Angel had left her jacket behind, I picked it up and smiled.

"Someone is in love" Willow said behind me making me jump.

I turned and face Willow to see smiling, "Yes Willow I am with Angel and I don't know what to do" I said.

"Well you play guitar right, write Angel a song telling her about yourself than a song about her" Willow said.

"Are you sure that would work?" I asked.

"Justin I'm a girl, I can tell she likes you to just do what I say" Willow said.

"Okay and thanks Willow" I said kissing her on the cheek before running off to my room, this song needed to be good and perfect.

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