5 Seconds Of Summer imagines

Hi my first imagines enjoy. I do dirty and clean so your choice. Leave on my wall age
Hair color/length/style
5sos boy
Dirty or clean
And events
Enjoy adorable baby penguins!����


2. Skyler x+Luke

L-Luke s-skyler

l- hey love

s-hey there :3

l-you wanna go out 2night;)


l-I'll pick you up at 6 pm

S-k babe:3 love u c u soon

l-love u 2 

"holy shit! It's all ready 4:30!" I literally scream around my little one bedroom apartment.  

"I REALLY need to get ready" I said to my pet fish named Lukey. Like won him for me at the fair we went to last week. I really love him. I decide to go with a short black leather dress with spiky black knee high boots. I went for my usual heavy eyeliner makeup. I decided to curl my medium length dark purple hair.  When I got done getting ready, it was already 5:55! I quickly grabbed something small like a pack of fruit gushers and ate them. By ate them I mean stuffed them in my mouth carelessly. I'm a pig I know.  When I got outside, I noticed a dark figure by the door. The dark figure just grabbed me and smashed his lips against mine. I pushed away and noticed it was Luke. He had a hurt look on his face. "Oh, honey. I never would've pushed you away if I knew it was you" I said and stood on my tippy toes, since I'm 5'4, and gave him a quick little peck on the cheek.  It was an extremely long ride. Especially since Luke blindfolded me. Him and his games. I love those little games. It took nearly 5 minutes to get to wherever Luke was taking me. I was really bored so I turned up the radio. I memorized every part of his car. "We're here" he says finally. "Thank god I was really bored!" I replied with a happy tone. He just chuckled. We were eating at the Olive Garden for about an hour. After we went to the Olive Garden, he took me to a park. He noticed the swings right away and ran to them. I ran after him yelling, "Luke your gonna make get all muddy!" That was totally my girly side speaking. I eventually caught up to him. I also managed to not get muddy, so it was a win win situation for me. I sat down on my swing and sat there swinging until I got lonely. When I got lonely, I went and sat on Luke's lap with my body facing forward and my feet behind him. We had a make out session. Luke grabbed my bum, I didn't mind that, but when he went to grab breasts, I said we should go back to my place he, agreed quietly. We finally got to my house and started our make out session again. This time I let his hands wonder freely about my body. When it got really heated we took it to the bed room. 

The end 


A/N sorry if it's not good, I have to take an important test tomorrow and it's almost 11:00 in New York State.  Thanks for reading you a adorable baby penguins😘😚😍☺️

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