5 Seconds Of Summer imagines

Hi my first imagines enjoy. I do dirty and clean so your choice. Leave on my wall age
Hair color/length/style
5sos boy
Dirty or clean
And events
Enjoy adorable baby penguins!����


1. cjkrock

I woke up to a beautiful spring day. I stayed the night at my best friend Luke Hemmings house. Don't worry i slept in his guest bedroom.

~skip rest of day~

We were watching spider-man when I turned to face Luke to say I had feelings for him. Just as I turned he turned also. I said "Luke ever since the 6th grade I-i-Iv'e loved you." He didn't reply he just grabbed my face and kissed me, hard. In between kisse he said "I love you to Emily." We turned if the movie and just kissed. His toung begged for entrance into my mouth I allowed it in. We kissed for 5 minutes straight. He slowly slid his hand up my shirt to cup my right breast. When he did we stood up and I jumped up on him and wrapped my legs around his waist. He whispered seductively "lets go to my room" I nodded in agreement. We got there he opened the door then I kicked it shut while he was sucking my neck. He laid me down on his bed and started ripping my clothing off of me. So I did the same with his shirt. When I got to his pants I unbuttoned the button with my fingers then unzipped them with my teeth. I pulled them all the way down and threw them on the ground. I just pulled his boxers down with my teeth. When they were off, I left sloppy kisses up his leg until I was at his unmentionables. I just wrapped my mouth around it and sucked. He was moaning like crazy. Then all if a sudden he was on top of me thrusting very hard. I was moaning his name telling him to go harder.

The end

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