5 Seconds Of Summer imagines

Hi my first imagines enjoy. I do dirty and clean so your choice. Leave on my wall age
Hair color/length/style
5sos boy
Dirty or clean
And events
Enjoy adorable baby penguins!����


3. Avalon+Luke

Hi I'm Avalon. I have medium length blue hair, I'm 14 years old and I'm 5'1. I have a huge crush on this boy in school. His name is Luke Hemmings. The upside is I haven't told anyone so I don't have to deal with anyone running their yaps in public. The downside is he's 17 years old. Three years older! My parents won't even let me date a year older male than me. 

~next morning~ 

i woke up to my super annoying alarm clock ring a ling linging. I moaned and dragged my feet off to the side and kicked my alarm off my bedside table. I lunged out of bed and went to take a nice hot steamy shower.

~skip shower~

I chose my outfit for the day. I went with a high-low floral dress with a tan cardigan. For my shoes I went with some sparkly pink combat boots. I love those boots! For makeup I went with a natural look. Pink eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and clear lipgloss. I left my hair the way it actually is, wavy. I went down the L shaped stairs and ran in to the kitchen and grabbed a slice of buttered toast. I then ran out the door listening to You Found Me by The Fray, Good Riddance by Greenday, and Come To Me by The GooGoo Dolls. Three of my many favorite songs. I live a block away from my school in Australia. I went to my locker when someone brushed against my back. At that noticed that person was standing beside my locker. When I looked over, I almost freaked out. When I say freaked out I mean scream, cry, faint, and lastly curl up in the fetal position. I took deep breaths and said, "Hi, I'm Avalon. You might be?" "Luke hemmings" he replied casually. "Nice to meet you Luke." I said sticking my hand out for him to shake. "You too Avalon. Listen," "I'm listening." He chuckled "what's your phone number?" I felt my cheeks get hot when I answered, "I-I don't have a phone." "Okay do you have a home phone?" "Yeah." "Okay, what's that number then?" "Umm, 555-456-1638." I said while I write it down for him. 

~skip school~

i got home and changed into a Spider-man sweatshirt and a pair of short purple shorts. When my mom yelled up the stairs saying that Luke was calling. I said "k I'll be right down mum!" "K sweety. She'll be right here, umm sorry I didn't catch your name young man? "Luke hemmings. I go to school with your daughter Avalon, mam." "Mom who is it?" "Luke hemmings" "WHAT?!" I screamed. "Give me, give me, give me KNOW."

~skip phone call~ 

its official in going on a date with Luke hemmings !  

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