The Switch

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  • Published: 20 Mar 2014
  • Updated: 23 Apr 2016
  • Status: Complete
Mandy and Trisha have always been really close, they always shared their secrets, straight, blonde hair and blue eyes...but when these twins have a crush on the same guy, everything falls apart.

Some boy they never met shows up and warns them that if they don't make up soon, everything will change.

Next thing they knew they switched bodies...

And if they thought things couldn't get any weirder they find out that this was all done by someone named 'Devil'...


13. Chapter thirteen

"Guess again." I said.

"So it is true, The Guardian saved you guys." He said.

"Too bad their probably too busy to help you out." He said chuckling.

"Yeah too bad." I said closing my eyes and concentrating on a glowing object inside of Dylan.

I opened my eyes to a shocked Dylan and a glowing orb in my hand.

I smirked and flashed out.

I found Mandy all alone in an ice cream shop.

"Hey." She said as i slide into the booth.

"Hi." I said smiling.

I held out the orb to her.

Her face lit up.

"Is that...?" She asked.

I nodded.

"No way, but how?" She said.

"I'll explain when we get back on earth." I said.

I handed it to her and she took it in her hands.

It went back in her and she flashed out, i followed.


I was with the girls, i had told them Mandy (to them me, since we were still in each others bodies) went on a trip with my dad, he was actually on a business trip.

I had no clue what to tell anyone when it came to Mandy.

There was a knock on the door.

I opened it and screamed.

It was Mandy and Cameron!

I thought they were both dead.

I hugged them both.

"I thought you were on a trip?" Sara asked.

"Umm..." Mandy said.

"You can tell them." Cameron said.

"Are you sure, wont you get in trouble?" Mandy asked.

"They wont punish me." He said.

We looked at him confused.

We explained everything to our friends.

"Now tell me how you got my soul back!" Mandy said.

"You'll never believe this, ket me show you." He said.

He closed his eyes.

My body started to tingle.

I looked over at Mandy.

But next thing i new i was actually looking at HER!

He switched our bodies back.

The girls were confused.

"You switched us back! Your powers came!" Mandy yelled.

"How, i thought you couldn't reverse another guardians spell?" I asked.

"I'm The Guardian!" He said.

"No way!" Mandy yelled.

We all got excited and jumped for joy.

"Lets go test your powers on stuff!" Mandy said running out of the house with the other girls.

I was about to go to but Cameron grabbed my arm.

"I can't stay, I completed my mission, i have to go now." He said.

"Ok, come by tomorrow then." I said.

"You don't understand, i have to leave permanently." He said.

"Oh." Was all i could say.

"I guess this is goodbye?" He said.

I nodded and gave him a hug.

My eyes started to water.

"Don't cry, i'll still be watching over you." He said

"But i wont get to see you." I said a tear escaping.

I looked up at him and he put his lips on mine.

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