The Switch

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  • Published: 20 Mar 2014
  • Updated: 23 Apr 2016
  • Status: Complete
Mandy and Trisha have always been really close, they always shared their secrets, straight, blonde hair and blue eyes...but when these twins have a crush on the same guy, everything falls apart.

Some boy they never met shows up and warns them that if they don't make up soon, everything will change.

Next thing they knew they switched bodies...

And if they thought things couldn't get any weirder they find out that this was all done by someone named 'Devil'...


7. Chapter seven


I have been stuck in a closet for about a day. Does the janitor not come in here? My hands were killing me, they were tied to a metal handle and my mouth was taped.

I had to find a way to get out of here, Mandy and Trisha were in danger.

I heard the bell and thought that this was my chance, i could hear the students laughing and talking. I used my foot to bang against the wooden cabinet as i did many times this past day, but like usual no one heard me.

I tried to scream hoping someone could hear my muffled cries, but again nothing.

I tried to get up, and managed to stand, i dragged the cabinet with me as a walked towards the door. I kicked the door as hard as i could until it swung open.

"Oh my god! Are you okay!" Some girl i didn't know yelled.

She quickly ripped off the tape, damn did that hurt and untied me.

"Thank you so much." I said to her as i raced down the hall.

"Wait where are you going? Who did this to you?" She yelled, but i was already out of sight.

Hopefully i wasn't out of time.

I turned the corner and spotted Mandy at her locker. I yelled out her name but she didn't turn around, i guess i was too far away. I lightly tapped on her shoulder and she turned around.

"Cameron, we've been looking everywhere for you!" She yelled.

"What happened to you?" She looked me up and down.

I was still wearing the same clothes from when i first talked to her, i must have had black circles around my eyes from my lack of sleep and my wrists were a angry shade of red.

"I don't have time to explain, where's Trisha?"

"I am did you know something bad was going to happen and do you know who 'devil' is?"she said looking worried.

Great he already got to them, I'm not suppose to tell them anything.

"I can't tell you here, lets find your sister and then i will explain EVERYTHING."

"Okay." She said suspicious, "Mandy should be in the cafe already."

When we got into the cafe Trisha spotted Mandy in the lineup. We walked over to her.

"Mandy." Trisha said.

"You found Cameron." She said surprised.

"Actually he found me, he's going to explain everything, come on."

We walked into a random classroom and shut the door. They both looked nervous and then it clicked.

"Fist of all I'm not 'devil' so stop looking at me like that." They looked surprised that i could read them so well.

I was debating how much i should tell them.

"Okay so first of all 'devil' isn't a human."

"Thanks Sherlock, i had no clue." Mandy said sarcastically. Trisha slapped her arm and said, "I'm guessing your not human either?"

"No I'm not, I'm a guardian, a guardian angle" i said looking up, "When we are born, we are assigned to a human to protect them for their whole life and when the time comes we guide them into heaven." I paused, "We protect them from people who passed on, don't want to cross over and decide to haunt others, as you humans like to call them 'ghosts'. Recently, about twenty years or so we've been protecting you humans from 'devils'"

"Wait whats a 'devil'?" Mandy asked interrupting.

"Guardians who don't want to be guardians and instead of protecting their human, steal their soul." I said quietly.

Realization drew on Mandy's face, "so this 'devil' dude is suppose to be protecting ME?"


"So who's guardian are you ?" Trisha asked.

"Yours" I responded.

"What are you doing here then?" Mandy asked.

"I was chosen to come down and help you since I'm your sisters guardian. Normally you aren't supposed to see us, let alone know about us, but this is important. Also i can get into big trouble for telling you all this, so please don't tell anyone about me or 'devil'"

"Your secrets safe with us." Trisha said.

"Also no one can no you two switched bodies." I said.

"Ok." Mandy said. "One more question, why is 'devil' trying to steal my soul and how come he hasn't taken it already?"

"Well, by taking your soul it makes him more powerful and he hasn't taken it yet because 'devils' tend to mess around with their victims first, they find it boring to just steal it because it takes like two seconds, the find it amusing, i think its just disturbing." I explained.

"What happens if we bump into him, we don't even know what he looks like?" Trisha asked.

"He's about my height has black hair and blue eyes, he's hard to miss, his eyes are unearthly." I said.

Mandy and Trisha both went pale.

Then Mandy said, barely audible, "Dylan."

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