The Switch

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  • Published: 20 Mar 2014
  • Updated: 23 Apr 2016
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Mandy and Trisha have always been really close, they always shared their secrets, straight, blonde hair and blue eyes...but when these twins have a crush on the same guy, everything falls apart.

Some boy they never met shows up and warns them that if they don't make up soon, everything will change.

Next thing they knew they switched bodies...

And if they thought things couldn't get any weirder they find out that this was all done by someone named 'Devil'...


14. Chapter fourteen


Its been a couple of days since Cameron left.

I missed him so much, even though i hardly knew him.

"Why have you been so sad lately?" Mandy asked me pulling me out of my thoughts.

I haven't told her about my feelings yet.

"I think i like Cameron, you know like, like." I said.

Her eyes went wide.


I nodded.

She frowned.

"But isn't he never coming back?" She asked.

"Yeah thats why I'm sad."

"Do you know if he liked you back?" She asked.

"He told me that he loved me and before he left we may have kissed." I said blushing.

Mandy started to jump up and down. "My sister has a crush, my sister has a crush!"

We both burst out laughing.

"We have to find a way to get you two together." Mandy said.

"If we are meant to be together then our paths will cross again." I said.

Mandy rolled her eyes.

"Theres just no way we can be together, we live in two separate worlds." I said.

"We should get going, we are going to be late for school." She said.


I really missed her.

I wish i didn't had to leave her.

The look on her face when i told her broke my heart.

I was at a ceremony, it was a celebration for me.

I thought it was ridiculous, I'm the same as everyone else here, only my powers were stronger.

Everyone was treating me differently, it was so weird.

"Would you like anything oh great guardian?" A lady asked me.

"No thank you and you can call me Cameron." I said politely.

"Okay sir."

I sighed.

The only good part about these powers was that all the devils were put away and that i helped out Mandy.

Other then that, they felt useless.

"I still can't believe that you The Guardian." One of my professors, Harold, said.

"Me either." I said laughing then my smile disappeared as Trisha crossed my mind.

"Whats wrong, not enough fame?" He asked laughing.

I smiled a bit. "Too much actually, but its not that, i met the girl i was assigned to and i had to leave her to come back here." I said.

"Oh, i see, why don't you visit her." He said.

"Thats to hard having to go back and forth between worlds." I said.

Harold smiled, "i have an idea, i'll come find you when everything is sorted out."

He ran off.

What was his idea?

Later on...

I was in the observation room, where you check up in your assignment.

Trisha was at school, slumped over her desk looking bored.

She was doodling in her book.

It was a drawing of an angel.

Did that mean she was thinking of me?

I hope so.

I looked at the time.

I was going to be late!

There was another ceremony but this time it was for students who completed their assignments.

I was going to finally be a Guardian Angel!

I made it with a few minutes to spare and sat with the other graduates.

I took my seat next to Alison, my best friend, and she smiled at me.

"All hail the great and powerful guardian." She said bowing and laughing.

She was the only one who didn't treat me differently.

Everyone turned to us and started whispering.

"Stop that." I said sitting her back down.

"Well hi to you to Mr. Grumpy pants." She said as she hugged me.

"So how does it feel to finally be graduating?" She asked.

"Awesome! You?" I said.

"I feel so giddy!" She said laughing.

"Good evening." Everyone went silent as the king Marcus was on stage starting off the ceremony.

"Today we will be celebrating these magnificent students as the get their full titles as Guardian Angels!" Everyone cheered.

He went through the list calling us up one at a time.

The he got to Alison. "Alison McHenry." Alison got up and walked onto the stage.

Marcus took his staff and tapped each of her shoulders. "I hereby declare you a full Guardian Angel." Her glow deepened. She had a huge smile plastered on her face.

She sat back down.

"Cameron Jonson." He said.

Everyone went wild.

Alison giggled. "Someones famous." She whispered. I rolled my eyes at her.

I went up on the stage and shook Marcus' hand.

Marcus did the same thing to me as he did Alison and said, "I hereby declare you a full Guardian Angel."

"Thank you." I said.

"I should be thanking you for saving my people." He said.

"It was nothing." I said going back to my seat.

After the ceremony Alison and i went outside.

"We are finally Guardian Angels!" Alison yelled at the top of her lungs.

We both started laughing.

"I can't believe you beat your brother, I'm so proud of you!" Alison said.

"Me either." I said laughing.

"So you finally met her?" She asked.

I nodded.

Alison knew how i always wanted to meet Trisha.

My smile faded.

"I just wish i didn't have to leave so earlier." I said. "Harold told me he had an idea on how i could see her again."

"You really like her don't you?" Alison asked.

"Yeah." I said blushing a bit.

"You'll find a way to see her again don't worry."she said hugging me.

"I hope your right."

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