The Switch

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  • Published: 20 Mar 2014
  • Updated: 23 Apr 2016
  • Status: Complete
Mandy and Trisha have always been really close, they always shared their secrets, straight, blonde hair and blue eyes...but when these twins have a crush on the same guy, everything falls apart.

Some boy they never met shows up and warns them that if they don't make up soon, everything will change.

Next thing they knew they switched bodies...

And if they thought things couldn't get any weirder they find out that this was all done by someone named 'Devil'...


4. Chapter four


"You have a girlfriend?!?" Kelly said shocked.

I should have known, of course someone as hot as Anthony was going to have a girlfriend.

All of his friends were snickering in the background. Great, by tomorrow everyone was going to find out that me and Trisha liked Anthony and were both rejected, just my luck.

"Yeah, she doesn't go here though, she goes to st. Mary's its a few blocks away. She lives in my building, thats how i met her." Anthony said smiling. Why was he so hot?

"Sorry for bothering you." Trisha said as she dragged me down the hall.

"I can't believe we fought over someone who had a girlfriend the entire time!" Trisha said shaking her head.

"I know right." I said laughing i felt like a fool.

"So does this mean your not fighting anymore?" Sara asked getting excited.

"Well as soon as Mandy apologizes for showing Anthony that awful photo of me and signing me up for volleyball then yeah, i guess were done fighting." Trisha said turning to me.

"Why do i have to apologize?" i said suddenly mad. "Your the one who put blue dye on my shampoo and rigged the blender!"

"How about you both apologize?" Amy suggested.

"How about you guys apologize for leaving us on our own?!?" Trisha yelled at Amy.

"You two are acting like children and i definitely don't regret leaving you two to work out your problems." Melissa said as the bell rang.

"Lets go i don't want to be late." Kelly said turning the corner.

Trisha and i just stood there shocked.

As the amount of people in the hallway started to thin out i decided to turn to go to class when i ran right into someone.

"I am so sorry, I should have watched were i was going a said taking a step back. I looked up to see who i bumped into.

It was a boy, he was a good foot taller then me, he had shaggy blonde hair and light brown eyes.

"Sorry about my sister, shes a complete klutz." Trisha said snickering.

I turned to glare at her as the boy said, "Thats alright, it was no ones fault, i actually cane to speak to the two of you."

That got my attention, what did he want?

"I'm Cameron by the way." The boy-Cameron- said smiling. Then he turned serious. "I'm here to warn you, if you two don't stop fighting something bad is going to happen."

I stood there confused, how did he know we were fighting and-"whats going to happen?" Trisha said what i was thinking.

"I don't know what but, just be careful." Cameron whispered while looking around.

"Okay then, we better go, don't want to be late, it was nice to meet you, thanks for the...warning." I said as i grabbed Trisha and started to walk away.

"Mandy this is no joke, if you two are still fighting when he gets here, who knows what will happen." Cameron said with a worried expression.

How did he know my name? Who was he?

"Who are you talking about?" I asked.

"I've said to much, just please get along." And with that he turned and ran down the hall.

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