Misaddressed Love

Who Knew One Simple Writing Mistake Could Bring Two People From Total Opposite Worlds Together?
Two People With The Same Thoughts,
Nothing Could Go Bad Right?
You See There's This Little Thing Called Love...


11. Dear Luke


Dear Luke,


Ya, I guess you could sort of say we’re alike. The thing is Luke, I don’t know whether they’ll ever come back or not…but what I also don’t know is why they would. I mean they left for a reason, one that I never understood or even knew, but it’s still a reason, and if that reason took them away, then it sure as hell isn’t going to bring them back. I guess everyone’s a perfectionist in a way, I mean everyone strives to be someone other than themselves at some point in their lives. Your right…perfect is just an image of someone to a person, but it’s an image I’m willing to do anything to become. Please don’t feel bad for me, I get enough pity from everybody else, I don’t need it from yet another person, especially you. Why don’t you talk to your parents Luke? You know, tell them how you feel about the whole situation, if you don’t try, nothing is ever going to get better. Your uncle seems amazing…what’s his name? I’ve always wondered what it was like to be famous, to be able to sing in a real studio, with professional equipment and being able to shake the hand or even hug your favourite artist. Most days I spend my nights, sitting on my window seat, staring out the clouded glass at nothing, and just thinking…thinking of every possibility that could come in life. Sometimes it’s winning the lottery, or even being a YouTube sensation. I don’t think I would ever be able to do any of those things though, I’m better at everything when I’m alone, and out of the publics eye, I’ve never loved attention. I’ve never told anyone this before…but somehow, I feel like I can trust you…I love to dance…as cliché as it may sound, I enjoy ballet. I find it absolutely fascinating that they can move with such grace and flex to inhumanly extents. How they can dance showing so much anger and love at the same time…so much passion put into each step. It’s exhilarating…do you enjoy anything like that Luke?



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