Misaddressed Love

Who Knew One Simple Writing Mistake Could Bring Two People From Total Opposite Worlds Together?
Two People With The Same Thoughts,
Nothing Could Go Bad Right?
You See There's This Little Thing Called Love...


8. Dear Clara



Dear Clara,


It’s alright, it’s not your fault, you’re not the one who left. I’d like to think she wouldn’t, but in reality, she did. I don’t mind, her name was Jenna. She was just so sweet, and funny, she wasn’t like other girls, as cheesy as this might sound…she was different, she had some sort of pep in her step, or like a glow to her personality. It just attracted me to her…sort of like, chocolate. Wow, I guess it’s true when they say “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” I’m so sorry…You didn’t really come off as that sort of person. As lame as it might sound, I’m trying to picture the house you live in, and no offence but by the little description you gave me, it seems like it’s mysterious and haunted looking, don’t you get scared of living in such a place? 16 sister and 12 brothers…how the hell do you manage? Ha ha, very funny, it is in fact unthawing just for you, you should be honoured. Why would you be locked up in your room on weekends? You play guitar? I play guitar too, electric and acoustic. I hide both of them out in my old shed in our backyard, seeing as my parents don’t 100 percent approve of me playing the instruments, they say “It’s silly to waste so much time on playing such an unintelligent instrument” whatever that’s supposed to mean, seriously what the hell is an unintelligent instrument? My friend Kurt has anxiety, he doesn’t get out much, or at all actually. He usually just locks himself away in his room, doing god knows what. I think it’s a bad idea to close yourself off from the rest of the world if you have it. If you stop thinking of all the negatives and start thinking of the positives, then you won’t have to worry about the negatives, therefore not having to worry about your anxiety. A positive life, is a happy life.


~ Luke

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