Misaddressed Love

Who Knew One Simple Writing Mistake Could Bring Two People From Total Opposite Worlds Together?
Two People With The Same Thoughts,
Nothing Could Go Bad Right?
You See There's This Little Thing Called Love...


6. Dear Clara



Dear Clara,


Actually, as surprising as this may sound to you, I did fall in love once, or at least felt like I was, but then she left. No letter, no text, not even a simple good bye, just gone, disappeared into thin air. At first I began to think I just imagined her, and that it was impossible for someone to just disappear like that. But she was real, I didn’t just imagine her, or dream her up, because she met my mom and my friends, and if they could see her, then she was real. I found out later in the year, that she had moved away to Ireland, where she was originally born, one of the reasons I liked so much was for her cute Irish accent. It hurt you know…someone who meant so much to you just leaving you like it was nothing. So to answer you theory of me, I am not a heartless guy, I’m just not a mushy guy.

You shouldn’t be annoyed by my analysis of you, it was just a simple thought about your personality I had, no offence meant. In all honesty I don’t regret you writing that letter, because writing to you actually gives me something to do on the weekends, when I’m on house arrest by my parents, for getting in trouble at school. Poetic thing to say? I don’t exactly know what that means, but I’ll take it as a compliment, so thanks? I’m sorry my answer didn’t meet your rhyming standards though ha, next time I’ll be sure to put that on my poem check list. Wow, that was deep…and actually was pretty sweet, not that I’m turning cheesy on you, but that actually kind of made a lot of sense. I actually am too agreeing with you, surprisingly, I never thought of it that way.


~ Luke






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