Stay gold (an outsiders fanfic)

Nico green saw her parents murdered when she was just seven, and after that moved in with her uncle who repeatedly abuses her. Now, at age 15, she lives a life of sadness. But can a certain greaser fix it? R&R


1. prologue


Nico sat on the floor with her stuffed bunny, making it do little flips and throwing it in the air. She giggled.

"Look, mommy, daddy!" She squealed happily, making the bunny dance. Daddy and Mommy looked over, daddy chuckling softly. "That's cute sweetie."

Nico giggled again and continued making her bunny dance. Then, there was a loud pounding sound on the door. Daddy jumped up from his chair and listened. The knock came again louder. Mommy was up now too, fear glazing her eyes. "It's them, Robert. What do we do?" Nico looked up at them confused.

Daddy grabbed her and swung her up in his arms. He ran into the kitchen, mommy following behind. Then the pounding got louder, like they were trying to break the door down. Daddy lifted the black tablecloth and shoved Nico under the table. "Daddy?" Her voice was shaking now, tears forming in her eyes. Mommy bent over and hugged her, holding her tight. "I love you, sweetie." She whispered. "I love you so much." When mommy let go nico could see tears were rushing down her face as she made her way back to the living room.

Daddy hugged her next. "I love you." Then he pushed her back under the table and gave nico her bunny. "I need you to promise me something okay sweetie?" Nico nodded. "No matter what happens, you stay under here, okay? Don't make any noise." "But da-" he cut her off. "Just promise me." She nodded. "I promise daddy." Daddy smiled. "Good."

Then, a loud booming sound came from the other room, like a door being kicked in. Daddy said "I love you. Never forget that." Then he pulled the tablecloth back over so she was hidden. She could hear someone she didn't know yelling, "where is she?" To which mommy yelled "she isn't here!" There was an ear splitting crash. Then came the screaming. Mommy screaming. Nico could feel tears rushing down her face. She wanted to scream, but remembering her promise, she kept it in. She squeezed her bunny and buried her face in it. Then came two loud bangs, and everything was silent.

Nico waited for an hour before coming out. "Mommy? Daddy?" She called. She walked into the living room. "Mommy?" She tripped over something. She looked at her scraped hands and saw something red on them. She looked up. What she saw made her scream and scream.....

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