Oh brother!

Lacie and her cousin Hannah go to live with her over protective brother. they meet someone special.


2. WHAT!?

Lacies pov

(skip rides and airplane ride)

we walk into their HUGE house. when i mean huge i mean. HUGE! i see 4 boys playing my favorite game FIFA. ''oh hey!'' Luke Hemmings says noticing me, wait, THE LUKE HEMMINGS!! AHH FANGIRLING!!! ''hey'' i say and awkwardly stand there with my bags in my hands ''LUKE SHOW LACIE HER ROOM!'' Niall yells at Luke

Luke's pov

Lacie. remember that. ''ok, im guessing you're Lacie?'' i ask the girl ''yea'' she says. wow, lacie. Niall showed us a picture of her but looks like she grew up. ''well let me show you your room'' i say and stop staring at her. she nods and we walk up to her room. 

lacies pov

wow that was weird. he was like studying my features. we walk to a door that has a chalk board that says ''LACIES ROOM'' and has peace signs. he opens the door to see two beds ''why are-'' i start  but Luke interrupts ''we share a room'' he says ''ok'' i say a little weirded out ''we need to change that chalk board then'' i say and he laughs ''do you need help unpacking?'' luke asks me ''sure'' i say and throw my bag on the empty bed. he cuckles then unzips my electronic case ''why do you have such fancy camera stuff?'' he asks me. i take the stuff and put it on the floor. ''im a youtuber!'' i say ''is it ok if i film in here sometimes?'' i ask ''no! you're fine. i think it would be cool to see how all this stuff works'' he says. i sigh in relief that he is ok with it. i sit the camera stuff in the corner of the room. ''your closet is the white door'' he tells me ''ok. im guessing the bathroom is the door with the lady/man toilet sign?'' i say ''haha yea'' he says and almost opens my girly bag ''no! not that bag!'' i say before he can open it ''oh... now i know why the bag is off limits'' he says and starts blushing. ''yea i will unpack that one privately'' i mumble ''ok which ones do you want me to open'' luke says ''you can touch all of them besides the one i took from you'' i say and laugh. ''ok. hey! you're a 5SOS fan!'' he says as he unpacks my fandom bag ''yea the 5SOS family'' i say blushing. ''nice, but you can put the posters up in here. i don't want to watch myself sleep'' he says and we laugh. ''do you want me to order a pizza? everyone ditched us'' Luke asks me ''sure! but only pepperoni'' i say and stretch ''k, i will get the pizza ordered and you go get root beer out of the fridge'' he says ''yes sir!'' i say and salute him like a soldier ''lets move out soldier!'' he yells and runs out of the door. i grab my loaded Nerf gun and sneak downstairs ''yea thanks we will pick it up'' Luke says and hangs up. aim, FIRE! i shoot the gun and it hit him in the middle of his chest. i couldn't hold in the laughter. i get up from my spot and start laughing. ''haha very funny!'' he says and throws the dart at me ''it is!'' i say catching my breath ''you have a Nerf gun?'' he asks ''a few actually'' a say and put the dart back in my gun ''nice! what do you wanna do to wait till we have to get the pizza?'' he asks me ''let me showyou something i brought'' i say and skip back up to our room. we get there and i pull out my xbox ''yes! now we have one in our room!'' he yells and does a happy dance ''and my favorite game, FIFA.'' i say and grab the cords ''you. play. FIFA. and have Nerf guns?'' he asks frozen in his place ''yea. i love FIFA.'' i say ''Now where is the tv?'' i ask ''right here'' he says and presses a button on the remote. the wall moves to show a plasma tv ''here let me put it up'' he says and tries to grab my xbox ''wait. this is my baby. if you drop it. i will drop you out of the window. do i make myself clear?'' i ask ''yes i promise i won't drop your xbox'' he tells me and i give it to him. i finish putting my clothes away while Luke is still trying to put the xbox up ''here let me help.'' i say and plug a few things in and it turns on '' haha it likes me'' i say ''yea yea lets go get the pizza'' he says i grab my purple supras and hipsta please sweatshirt.

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