Oh brother!

Lacie and her cousin Hannah go to live with her over protective brother. they meet someone special.


34. WAIT WHAT?!?!?!?!?

HEYYO PENGUINS!!!!! Wait..... WHY AM I WRITING ON THEE FINISHED "Oh Brother" ?!?!?!?!?!? I missed yous!!!!! Okeyyy Next Gens is turning out quite well. i am trying to write more on there but the truth is..... I'VE BEEN USING ALL MY FREE TIME FOR WATTPAD!!!!! I have been reading on Wattpad for not long..... BUT YOU ALL HAVE THAT ONE THING!!!!! Actually u all have a special place in my heart Wattpad can't fill :) So lets catch up. i wanna tell you a few things about meh!

1= i have a thing for boys who have an H as their first letter in their last names. ex. Niall Horan, Finn Harries, and Luke Hemmings.

2= I was born on Sept. 13, Just like Nialler :) i get complimented like *OH EM GEE YOU'RE SO LUCKY!!!! [Insert Emojis here]*

3= Hannah (The same one in the story) IS MAH FAVE COUSIN!!!!! Yasss i am related to Hannah and she's my Bae and Baerrito (Bae + Burrito + Hannah + Lubear= BAERRITOS!!!!) 

4= My real name is Lacie (Pronounced Lacy, Lay C, and or Lacey but spelled Lacie) me last name is Costello (COST- ELL-O) Yeas thats me name don't wear out

5= I play all outfield positions in my fave sport to play, SOFTBALL!!!! and my favorite sport to watch is Baseball.


7= my fave baseball team is the Cleveland Indians, my fave player on that team is Nick Swisher. which yesterday (6-19-2014) he got a grand slam!!! (Grand Slam def. when bases are loaded and the player up to bat hits a home run sending all players home usually winning the game.)

and those are a few facts about meh!!! :) 

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