Oh brother!

Lacie and her cousin Hannah go to live with her over protective brother. they meet someone special.


15. tour....

Hannah s pov

so the boys are packing for tour and Lacie and I have a surprise for them ''YO EVERYONE GET YOUR BIG BUTTS DOWN IN THE KITCHEN !!!" Lacie yells. she's wearing teen age mutant ninja turtle leggings, a batman sweatshirt, purple Supras, her glasses, and a 5SOS Snap back. i'm wearing skinny jeans, galaxy vans, and a irish flag jumper. we hear the boys like elephants coming down the stairs. ''yess'' Louis asks ''one we made food two we have news on the tour'' lacie says getting plates out ''OK the news?" Zayn asks ''lacie you do the honors. i'll get the food'' i say ''OK Hannah and i weren't supposed to go on tour. right?" she says and they nod ''well Hannah is good at picking out your guy's outfits. We all know Ash didn't pick his outfit. and I know Luke didn't do his hair today so Hannah and i are coming to help Lou and Caroline'' Lacie says sitting in Luke's lap ''Hannah can come on one condition. i don't want to to be under their bunk'' Mikey says ''then we'll take one of the bottom bunks'' i say ''ok two conditions. Mikey's and i don't want to hear it.'' Luke says and Lacie scrunches her nose in disgust. Everyone just laughs as i blush. ''ok everyone eat'' i say and hand them their plates. ''did you guys already pack?" Ash asks ''yup'' Lacie says ''i didn't even hear you'' Ashton says ''You're a heavy sleeper'' i laugh ''what about Luke?'' i ask ''oh, he knew'' Lacie says eating a piece of bacon.

Lacie's P.O.V.

so for tour its American so we are heading to the airport right now. ''luke why can't they let me sleep! i say ''because i like to see your pretty eyes, and you get your braces on in America'' he says. yup my teeth are crooked. ''ugh fine but you have to cuddle with me'' i say and he wraps his arms around me. ''you don't need to ask to cuddle'' he says and i snuggle into him. oh i remind you its 4AM YEEAH SO HAPPY! (Sarcasm) we arrive to the airport and this time since its so early there's no paps around but a few 1d and 5sos fans. ''Lacie! Luke! Can i have a picture with you guys??'' a fan asks ''sure!" i say and grab Luke's hand. we walk to her and take a picture, we actually took a few. some hated me and Hannah but the other fans told them to shut up and told us that we are cute together, i like those ones. the first place we are going is the hotel to figure the rooms out. ''ok someone is going to have to share a room with me'' Paul says ''so Hannah and me, Luke and Lacie, Mikey and Cal, Zayn and Niall, Larry Stylinson, that leaves Paul and Liam'' Ash says ''PAUL! MY BUNK BUDDY'' Liam yells and we laugh ''ok then Luke,Lacie, and i are going to the orthodontist. but Lacie gets to pick the room first since she will not be able to eat for a little bit'' Paul says YASSSS! We walk to the rooms and i look in every one of them till the i pick the last one the biggest one! ''i pick this one'' i say walking into the room with my stuff ''OK Lacie and Luke gets this one, Liam and i get the next room you guys can choose between 4 rooms.... try to be quiet. Liam and Hannah are in charge'' Paul says and we start walking to the car. oh no.....


they're back at the hotel walking in still Lacie's P.O.V.


Ugh my mouth!!! it HURTSSSSS SSSOOOO BAD!!! ''ow'' i say walking into the lift (elevator) ''aw poor baby'' Luke says and hugs me ''it hurts'' i say ''i know babe'' we walk into our room and everyone is there. ''we brought Mean Girls!" Louis says. i smile the best i can then get my bag and go to the bathroom to change into a pair of  sweat pant short short things, my glasses, a Professional Fangirl tee by Tyler Oakley, and i leave my straight hair down. I got black and yellow braces to match batman, they look cool but they hurt! i walk out and Luke is standing there looking great as always. i grab a batman Under Armor sweatshirt and slide it on quick. Luke grabs me by my waist and kisses me ''it doesn't hurt to kiss?" he asks ''Nope, just since its pulling on my teeth it hurts.'' i say and walk to the kitchen, i grab a cup and put ice in it with a fork. ''why a fork?" Luke asks ''I wanted to see how Liam eats with only a fork. when i have to i use a spoon but any other time i eat with a fork. it stuck.'' i shrug and chomp on an ice cube ''MEAN GIRLS!!!! YOU GO GLEN COCO!!" I yell this is gonna be a fun night....


Hannah's P.O.V.

We are watching Bridesmaids Revenge and it SUPER FUNNY!!!! ''im gonna get more ice'' i whisper to Ash he nods and kisses my cheek. we all decided we would eat ice. well all but Niall. we didn't want Lacie to feel worst than she does. ''so what are we doing tomorrow?'' lacie scares me. i jump ''Damn Lacie! you flocking gave me a heart attack'' i put my hand on my heart. ''well geez. what clothes will you put on the boys??" she asks ''i'm thinking Zayn a Nirvanna shirt with red Nikes and black skinnys, Liam a flannel with jeans and Converse, Louis his usual, Harry a white tee with blacks skinnys and boots, Ni with a free hugs tee, jeans and black Supras. The 5SOS boys their usuals.'' i say ''good'' she says and turns the living room light on ''Ahh!" Harry says ''bedtime Paul texted me'' she says ''ok goodnight brace face'' Louis says and hugs her and we all leave the room besides Luke and Lacie.

Lacie's P.O.V.

I wake up before Luke because i have to get all of the boys' hair stuff. i go to the bathroom and take a quick shower then dry my hair. i but on Batman Skinny/legging things with a black and yellow ''That's So Fetch'' tank top and purple Supras. i curl my hair and put a bandanna hair band thing in, lip gloss, eye liner and mascara, and my contacts on/in. then Luke walks in while i brush my teeth ''hey babe'' he says in a raspy voice ''hi sleep head'' i say hugging him ''put on lazy clothes cuz  i'll do your hair when we get there and Hannah has your outfit with her.'' i say and walk out of the bathroom. this will be a fun tour.

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