Oh brother!

Lacie and her cousin Hannah go to live with her over protective brother. they meet someone special.


8. the witches

barbras pov 

''niall why dont you move in with me'' i ask faking everything ''no, the boys need me'' he says moving me onto his lap. ew. if he doesnt know. i have a boyfriend. not him. i feel his phone vibrate. he moves me and gets up. phew! i thought i was gonna be stuck on his lap. if your wondering i hate niall! hes so ugly! i meant i see no abs!!! he comes in i straighten up. '' we are over!'' he yells and walks out the door. fine but i have other people to get publicity. 

PHEW! i thought i was going to have to keep writing about her! I HATE BARBRA!! -LuBearHoran

Lacies pov

right now im in luke's lap under a blanket. luke is watching tv too. ''babe are you ok?'' he asks ''no my brother called me a bitch'' i say one tear rolling down my cheek. ''lacie. he is not worth your tears. he's done this to many times'' Luke tells me and wipes my tear away ''thanks luke'' i say and hug him. IDEA!  i hop into the bathroom and get my makeup and bring it out. i grab my camera and stand too. ''can you turn the tv off?'' i ask ''yea'' he says i put my camera up and start recording ''heyy FABULOUS!'' i salute the camera ''i am going to be doing a makeup thing with my boyfriend! yes i said boyfriend!!! i will be doing his makeup! and the lucky dude is! *drum roll* LUKE HEMMINGS!!'' if you're wondering Luke wanted to go public so yea. ''hey guyys!'' luke says as he crawls over to me and puts me on his lap. ''ok so another thing that happened. i broke my foot. being a ninja and kicking a door down!'' i say and show my cast. ''ok so lets get started! and fyi i do not wear the foundation and bronzer stuff i have. on a daily basis i only wear eyeliner, mascara, and lipbalm'' i say and make luke move in an angle. i sit on his lap facing him. ''ok Luke. guess what this stuff is called!'' i say holding up liquid eyeliner ''um that eye stuff that goes around your eyes?'' he says ''close. eyeliner'' i say and open it ''ow!'' he yells as i make the end of the wing ''ITS IN MY EYE!'' He yells ''sorry'' i say and get mascara ''whats this?'' i ask him ''that eyelash thing'' he says ''mascara'' i say and put it on his lashes ''phew! that didnt get in my eyes!'' he says i put on foundation already so i start the bronzer ''i think this is bronzer'' he says ''right!'' i say and start to get lip stick ''good thing you wore the stud and not the ring'' i say and put the purple/pink lipstick on his lips. iput it down and he starts kissing my face''Luke!!! its coming off!'' i say before he kisses my lips ''this is a good color on you'' i say as he stops kissing me ''well bye guys! like subscribe comment!'' i say and turn the camera off

*a month later (april)*

hannahs pov

 ashton and i are doing amazing! its just Taylor! she thinks i like like Harry!!! Ewww! ''listen up slut!'' she yells at me ''take my harry away i'll take ashton. dont test my fatty'' she says and walks away. AH HA! Hee hee! i got recorded i got it recorded! im in my bedroom when i smell smoke. oh no! ''fire!!!!'' i hear lacie yell i run out of the room to be trapped! walk over to me well tries but she gets stuck ''im sorry hannah!'' she says ''go on i'll get out!'' i tell her ''promise?'' she asks ''i promise'' she says. i get into my room and try to open the window. its stuck. i grab a heel and smashed the window. ''Hannah! i'll catch you!'' ashton yells i get in my jumping position and jump Ashton catches me. but i fall when he lets go of me and i land on a piece of glass. actually more than one ''who's out?'' i ask wincing at the pain in my arm. ''everyone but taylor'' he says ''Hannah! did Taylor get out?'' Harry asks nervous ''no but i need to show you something'' i say and show him the recording ''i dont care anymore'' he says and walks away.

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