Oh brother!

Lacie and her cousin Hannah go to live with her over protective brother. they meet someone special.


31. the wedding

Lacie's P.O.V.

"Are you ready?" Chris asks me "Yea...." i say nervously my dad walking me down while my mum and Chris walk behind us. "Its time" my dad smiles. i hear the music and everyone looks at me and the dress. i first see Liz and Andrew "You look stunning" Liz mouths to me. i smile at her. then i see Zalfie and all of my youtube friends. i smile to Zoe, then i see connor... CONNOR!!!! Next i see Greg and Denise "Love you Shamrock" Greg mouths with tears in his eyes. i smile at him. I lookup the rows of bridesmaids and groomsmen till my eyes land on Luke looking smashing. He smiles looking up and down at me "You look beautiful Babe" he mouths leaving my cheeks a little pink. We get to Luke and my dad shakes his hand. i hug my mom, Chris, and my dad then enter lock hands with Luke. the preacher says the words until the vows "Lacie i knew i liked you from watching your channel, when i noticed you walk through that door fangirling over the simple "Hey" i sent you" he starts and i hear laughs through the friends and family."That night when everyone ditched us and that nasty waitress" he says and makes a disgusted face earning a giggle from me. "Then i was under your trance from the start, but when we were going to play FIFA.you looked beautiful and you pinched my cheek." he laughs "i made my move the first night. you went to kiss my cheek but i moved my head so you would kiss me on the lips. lets just say i was being a fanboy at that moment." he laughs "actually every time i kiss you i fanboy, every time you stick your tongue out while playing FIFA, everytime i wake up with you cuddled in me, nobody knows how much i wanted to yell to the world i kissed you, when you said you loved me too. there isn't a day i go without loving you" he says a tear running down his cheek. i wipe it quickly with my thumb "I love you Lacie and i can't live without you" he says while grabbing my hand thats on his cheek so it stays there. i can feel the tears running down my face. "I remember the times Hannah and I jumping on my bed belting out 5SOS lyrics, i literally called dibs on you" i laugh still with tears streaming "the night you made the move. i was so mad at Niall, that night when we snuck and locked Hannah and Ash in there room and now there's Lydia" i laugh "But was bad is that i broke my foot. being the ninja i am" i hear laughs as i laugh "i'm going to make this short and sweet. Dr.Fluke i can't and will not live without you. I love you too much. You're my Batman." i say all my tears gone but the very last one. Luke wipes it away as the preacher preaches "With the power vested in me you make kiss the bride." Luke and i kiss and everyone cheers

Luke's P.O.V.

I carry Lacie out of the church with everyone following. "I love you Luke" "i love you too shamrock" i smile

*At the reception*

"time for the shamrock and Dr.Fluke to have their first MARRIED dance" Niall yells into the microphone. i stand up from my seat, more like thrown. and i reach  for Lacie's hand. i lead her to the floor. the 1d boys start singing You and I then we dance. *after dance* "OK Instead of the daddy daughter dance Luke and Hannah are going to dance . so is Ashton and Lacie! they wanted to break tradition" Liam says in the microphone i get with Hannah and start dancing as Pompeii plays "You hurt her. I'll hurt you worse than Niall did. I'm the one who kicked him off you know" she tells me "Well thank you Hannah" i say twirling her "Yeah" she says and we finish the dance. we eat, Lacie and i smash cake i each others faces, then  Lacie says in the mic "Ok i need the best man, Ash, and my amazing Dr. Fluke on the dance floor stay there." she says and grabs hannah and runs out. me and Ash walk on the floor and we hear Yeah play.lights go out and i feel hands on me "Don't worry babe its me"Lacie whispers in my ear. the lights on the dance floor go on. Lacie is wearing Purple Supras, white short shorts, and a "Real Mrs.Hemmings" shirt. She's dancing to the music and everyone gets on the floor. Lacie and i basically grind but then we all got off the floor and Hannah and Lacie do a dance to Don't Stop. Hannah i wearing almost the same, her shorts are the color of the dress and hershirt is "Maid of honor".


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