Oh brother!

Lacie and her cousin Hannah go to live with her over protective brother. they meet someone special.


9. the date

ok so now its May and taylor is in jail for attempted murder and we moved! Hannah has a cast on her arm and Lacie still has her foot cast! 

since my cousin, Hannah, is whining about not being in the story so here Hannah!!!!

Lacies pov

we are all going to somewhere so that's that. Hannah and Ashton are staying home though. hmmm? suspicious. BUT WE BE GOING TO AUSTRALIA!!!! I'm meeting Luke's parents!!!!! Hannah won't know though shhhh.... (Haha Hannah! sorry readers!) i am packing clothes and Luke is packing the other stuff. ''hey Luke it's ok to wear a lip ring around your parents right?" i ask ''yea.'' he says ''guys hurry up!" Ashton whispers. it like 4 am yea HANNAH GETS TO SLEEP! i still have a cast but this one is blue! so i hop to the door "we are trying! now go to sleep with sleeping beauty!" i whisper back ''ok ok!" he says and walks away.  luke picks me up and carries me to the bed ''im so happy you're meeting my parents!" he whispers and kisses my nose ''me too. we are gonna go to Ireland later!'' i whisper back.  a little while later we get on the plane. i fall asleep on luke's shoulder.

Hannah's pov

i wake up to Ashton playing his iPad ''oh your awake!" he says and i walk to the bathroom. i come out and Ashton picks me up and carries me downstairs. ''Ashton!!!' what is this about?'' i say ''because i don't the delinquents that we live with to go somewhere!'' he says and gets food from the fridge. BACON! ''i already ate. you eat this while i go upstairs you come up when your ready.'' he says and pecks my cheek. i have a feeling this is gonna be a good day :)

a small check up with the others

lacies pov

i am in the hotel room and put denim short shorts on with a graphic t-shirt on. i brush my hair and teeth and hop out of the bathroom. ''ok we are going to my house!'' Luke saysand hands me my crutches. i put a sock on and a purple supra on my good foot. i grab my glasses and walk to Luke and kiss his cheek ''eww you got lip gloss on my cheek!'' he says wiping it off ''ok let's go!" i say and walk with the crutches ''I HATE CRUTCHES!" I say ''i think they're cool!'' Luke says ''yea yea hold these i'm hopping'' i say and start hopping  ''this is fun!'' i say he gives me the crutches back and i walk with them.

hannahs pov

i am wearing a aqua tank top and sweat pantsright now, Ashton's outfit pick, of course. we are going to watch one of my favorite trilogy of movies!! HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL!!!! Haha he let me pick! '' we are all in this together!!!'' i belted out the lyrics i got up and started dancing with Troy,Gabriela,and the rest of the gang. Ashton just laughed at me laying on the couch. i ran to the kitchen and got popcorn and started popping it in the microwave ''i thought you ditched me!'' Ashton yells coming into the kitchen *BEEP BEEP!!* the microwave went off. i got the popcorn out and put it in a bowl and started popping the next bag ''why two?'' he asks ''Cuz' we both know one is not enough'' i tell him we laugh and grab the popcorn bowl and go back and watch grease. tonight is great!

luke's pov

so far my parents love Lacie!! Ben and Jack are jealous that MY girl is so beautiful! ''so Lacie what do you do?'' my mom asks ''i am a Youtuber and i have to deal with 9 crazy boys with the help of my cousin. if that counts as a job'' she giggles ''haha! i feel yea darling! i have to deal with Luke! and his brothers!" my mom and lacie laugh ''hey! i am a joy!'' i pout ''yes you are'' Lacie tells me and kisses my cheek ''thank you'' i tell her and intertwine our fingers ''so what did you do to your foot?'' my dad got a question in ''uhh a dumb idea'' she says and hides her face in the crook of my neck. ''what did you do?'' my mom asks ''Luke and I locked Ashton and my cousin in their room and we couldn't find the key so i kicked the door and broke my foot'' she says embrassed ''no regrets!'' i yell and do the rock on sign thing with my free hand. ''haha yea'' Lacie says sarcastically.

Ashtons pov

ok game time its time to tell her ''hannah?'' i ask ''yeah?'' she asks ''i....i.... love you'' i stutter ''i love you too'' she says i smash my lips into hers ''WE ARE IN LOVE!'' i yell. i so  happy!!!!

author note: there will be a part two!!!!   

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