Oh brother!

Lacie and her cousin Hannah go to live with her over protective brother. they meet someone special.


19. The BABY IS A.....

Hannah's P.O.V

IT THE DAY WE FIGURE OUT IF I'M HAVING A BABY GIRL OR BOY!!! Ash and I picked out 1 girl name and 1 boy name. so i am bringing Ash with me into the ultra sound while Luke and Lacie will wait in the waiting room. i am wearing dark denim capris with a tee and hipsta please sweatshirt, and vans with my hair in a side fishtail braid ''Hannah Irwin'' the doctor says ''that's us '' Ash says then we walk to the room ''Hannah Irwin huh?" i say looking at Ashton and he blushes ''it sound good'' he smiles ''hello Hannah nice to see you again, ashton you too'' Dr. Knight says ''OK lets find out if its a boy or girl. Would you rather a buy or girl?" dr.knight asks to us ''Personally i want a girl'' Ash says ''I'd like a boy but i would love if it was a girl though'' i smile lifting my shirt so Dr.Knight can put the cold jell on my stomach. ''and..... there's the head and its a girl!" he says pointing at the screen ''Lydia'' i whisper and smile at Ashton. he wipes the jell of my stomach and i put my shirt down. Ash gets the picture and we walk out ''Its a girl!" Ash say proudly ''OK Ash we have a shoot but the girls have the day off to shop for the Lydia'' Luke says ''OK do we want the room pink or purple?'' Ashton asks me ''Rainbow babe''i say and kiss him quickly and we walk out. Lacie and i take her car while Luke and Ash take my car ''BYE MY BEAUTIFUL GIRLS!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!" Ash yells and blows a kiss to me ''LOVE YOU TOO!!'' I yell back and get in the passenger seat of Lacie's car. i look up and see Luke and lacie having a make out session against Ash's car. i honk the horn and yell ''STOP THE PDA AND GET IN THE CARS!" I see they both laugh and give each other i love yous and one last kiss then go separate ways.... quite cute actually. ''OK OFF TO BABY'S R US!!" She yells. *later* ''OK how about a sky blue paint then we could get Zayn to spray paint?" Lacie  asks i nod pushing the cart to the check out. we are buying the toys and furniture now then go to different stores for like top shop for clothes. oh and Lowes for the paint and spray paint. *later. again.* we get to the flats and we take the baby stuff to Lydia's room ''OK I'll build the dresser and you build the table'' Lacie says. She's the one who got an A in wood work/ workshop. i nod and grab the table. ''BABE I'M HOME!'' I hear Ash yells ''WITH LUKE!" I hear Luke yell. so far we have the dresser, table, chair, and we are working on the crib. ''IN LYDIA'S ROOM!'' We yell and they stomps come down the hall ''TAKE YOUR SHOES OFF SO YOU DONT STEP ON THE CARPET!" Lacie yells as we finish the crib. ''woah....'' Luke and Ash say ''I got all A's in work shop'' Lacie says ''I'm going to go get the paint and that stuff so we can start painting.'' i say ''Oh no you are not painting with the fumes. did you guys eat dinner?" Ashton says walking with me ''ugh fine i'll make dinner'' i say walking into our room to change. ''Ash can you pick my outfit'' i say sitting on the bed ''OK beautiful and smaller beautiful'' referring to Lydia i smile looking at my stomach. i may look fat but i'm happy. ''here'' Ash says kissing my cheek and stomach. ''Ash.... Lydia's kicking!!" i say after he kisses my stomach ''OH MY GOD GUYS LYDIA IS KICKING!" He yells i put my hand where she's kicking ''Ash come here'' i say and let him feel the kicking. ''aww'' Lacie says hugging Luke. i see him whisper something to her that makes her smile bigger ''Hannah you say here and watch tv i'll make dinner.'' Ash smiles at me ''I think Luke and i are going to our flat to eat then come back to help with baby L's room'' Lacie says. she's been calling Lydia ''Baby L'' since we figure out it was a girl. ''OK bye guys do guys wanna sleep over after we eat?" i say walking to the door with them ''Sure'' Luke says then they walk out. the cool thing is that they're right above us. ''Babe! dinner is ready!!" i hear Ash yell from the kitchen. ''OK baby be right there!" i yell and start dressing in the clothes Ashton picked out. ''no i will carry my babies.'' Ashton says at the door way as i slide the loose batman tank top over my baby bump. ''No we're to heavy'' i say but Ash lifts me up being careful not to hit Lydia. ''Hannah, you are not to heavy. you are still light even if Lydia is in there'' he says looking at my belly. in response i kiss him. he carries me to the living room and sets me on the couch. we finish eating and Ashton puts in a movie. it starts and ''Yeah'' by Usher (Lacie and i's song" starts then words come on the screen ''Hannah you are very lucky, you will see a video of what happened but to say, he has my blessing" then a picture comes up of Ni and Lace i guess they wrote that. then "Marry Me" by Jason Derulo starts playing. then the words ''WILL YOU MARRY ME??- your Ash" comes up i look at Ashton and he's on one knee. OMFG OMG! Are going through my mind at this point ''Hannah Sue, will you make our family complete by marring me and making me the happiest man alive?" Ashton asks pulling out a STUNNING ring. i nod rapidly ''YES A THOUSAND TIMES YES!" I yell and legit throw myself at him  ''I love you hannah, so much'' Ash says and slides the ring on my finger ''SHE SAID YES!" lacie bursts threw the door. after this amazing part of my night i go to bed because they wouldn't let me paint.

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