Oh brother!

Lacie and her cousin Hannah go to live with her over protective brother. they meet someone special.



Lacies pov

we are in L.A. to surprise my good friend Tyler Oakley! The lads have photo shoot today and i'm working on Zayn's hair. ''and..... perfect!'' i say and he looks in the mirror. ''thanks lace!'' he says and walks over to Caroline. i have Luke, Niall, Harry,and Micheal's hair to do. Hannah and Ash are busy making out in the corner ''HANNAH IF YOU MESS UP ASH'S HAIR IMMA KILL YOU!'' i test her ''Ugh fine'' she says and goes back to her job while i start Hazza's hair.

*Later that night*

Tyler is at a club dinner thing so i get dressed. i pick a red one long sleeve dress that goes to my knees and is more tighter with black pumps. i straighten my hair because its wavy and put on nude lipstick. i keep my contacts in and apply eyeliner and mascara. done, i walk out of the bathroom and put my pumps on ''Hey Lacie which shirt should i....'' luke starts ''umm the black one'' i say looking up from my shoes. ''hmm what?" he says snapping out of his trance staring at me ''the black one'' i say and grab a pack of skittles, a clutch, and my phone. i put my stuff in the clutch and wait for Luke. ''ok ready'' luke comes out ''you look good'' i say walking towards him ''hot as hot as you in that dress'' he grabs my waist ''not in my opinion'' i say and kiss him ''can we just stay here?'' he mumbles in the kiss ''nope i want to see my friends'' i pull out of the out of the kiss. ''ugh fine'' he pouts ''why do you have skittles?" he asks ''if i get hungry and they're good weapons'' i say and grab the keycard to our room. ''AND WE ARE OFF'' I yell as i point and walk to the door.

*at the club thing*

we meet the 1D boys , the rest of 5SOS, and Hannah there. ''Girl you look good'' I tell hannah. she's wearing a little black dress (HA! See what i did?)  with nude pumps and her hair is wavy. We get in and i see Troye Sivan my good friend and i walk towards him YAS TYLER IS WITH HIM! ''TROYLER!!!" I yell over the music ''OH MY GOD ITS MY GIRL!" Tyler yells and hugs me ''You look great!" Troye says and we hug ''Sooo! Did you bring you hot Aussie bf with ya?!?!?!" Tyler asks as luke come up and hugs me from behind ''The hot Aussie is here!" Luke says ''Oh you heard that?" Tyler asks blushing and luke nods. ''Im going out side its to packed in here'' i say getting claustrophobic ''i'll meet you out there in a little bit'' Luke says and kisses me. i nod and walk towards the door. i sit on a bench on my phone when a drunk dude walks up to me. ''Heyy wanna come with me and have some fun?" he slurs trying to be seductive (another big word) ''um no'' i say putting my phone in my clutch. ''oh you're coming with me'' he slurs and tries to pull me ''AW HELL NAH'' I yell and grab the bag of skittles and rip it open with my teeth since he has my hand ''why not hottie? i know you want me'' he slurs as i  get out of his grasp ''TASTE THE DAMN RAINBOW MOTHA FUCKER!'' I yell as i throw skittles at him. ''FINE BITCH!'' he says and walks away. AW HELL TO THE NO! NO ONE WALKS AWAY  FROM HORAN! I take my pumps off and run after him and punched him ''OK THATS IT! YOU'RE COMING WITH ME!'' He yells and grabs me right when Luke walks out. ''LUKE!!!!! GET THIS FREAK AWAY FROM ME!" I yell and luke runs to the guy and says ''MARK?!" WHAT THE FLOCK?

Luke's P.O.V.

OMG IT MARK!!! ''Heyy Luke! just taking this slut home'' he slurs/laughs ''that girl isn't a slut. She's my beautiful strong girlfriend that if you don't let go i'll punch you in the face'' i grit through my teeth. he makes his lips in an ''o'' shape and sets her down ''Don't ever talk to me again'' i say and wrap my jacket around her then my arms and walk away with her ''are you okay? he didn't hurt you did he?" i asks worried ''nope but i use my weapon of destruction'' she says putting her shoes on and sliding her arms into my jacket ''do you wanna go back inside?" she asks ''only if you want to'' i say and she smiles. she grabs my hand then we walk into the club. we see the guys and Hannah dancing. Lacie takes the jacket of then sets on Tyler and Troye's table. she smile then grabs my hand to lead me to the group to dance.

*at hotel Luke still* 

We get into the room and lacie takes her shoes off the second we get in. ''ugh my feet hurt'' she says and starts for the bathroom

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