Oh brother!

Lacie and her cousin Hannah go to live with her over protective brother. they meet someone special.


10. part two of the date and Ireland

lacies pov

OMG Luke's parents are amazing!!! ''it was nice meeting you Mrs. Hemmings!'' i tell her and hug her ''no please call me Liz!'' she tells me ''thanks for dinner!'' i say ''bye mom'' Luke says and hugs his mom ''don't lose this one, she's a keeper'' i hear her attempt a whisper ''i know mom. i won't'' he says they let out of the hug ''bye dad'' Luke says and hugs Andrew ''you better tell her i love you soon'' Andrew orders ''yes sir'' his says ''bye everyone love you!'' Luke yells as we walk out of their house ''did you hear what my parents said?'' Luke asks i nod and he starts blushing ''oh Lacie? we're going to Mullingar tonight'' he says. my jaw drops, I'M GONNA SEE MY PARENTS!! ''oh my god thanks Luke! are we all going?'' i ask and intertwine our fingers.''yeah. even the love birds back home'' he laughs ''yay!'' i say and we walk into the hotel.

Ashtons pov

i am packing to take Hannah and I to Mullingar!!!! im going to meet her parents! ''hey babe come here!'' i yell to her ''coming!'' she says and runs upstairs into our room ''yea?'' she asks. i walk to her and put my hands on her waist to pull her closer ''we are going to Mullingar tonight'' i whisper in her ear ''really?!?!?!'' she yells and kisses me. things get heated up but she pulls away ''we need to finish packing'' she says and tries to get out of my grasp. ''no i finished most of it! come here!'' i say sitting on the edge of the bed holding Hannah's waist ''ok but you're not slacking when i start packing again'' she says i nod and she pulls me in a kiss

*in the airport*

Hannah's pov

we landed and  Ashton and i are going to meet Lacie and Niall at their old house but first we are going to my place. we get to my old house and i knock on my Parent's door ''ye- HANNAH!'' my little brudder yells and squishes me in a bone crushing hug  (hehe BRUDDER! No judging!!!) ''SETHY!!!'' i yell laughing and hugging Seth (We actually call my cousin Seth Sethy ) "HANNAH!'' My parents yell and hug me ''hey! guys i want you to meet Ashton!" i say ''ha! remember when you said you were going to date Ashton! it actually happened!" Seth yells ''nice to meet you Mr. and Mrs. Gerhardstein'' Ashton says and shakes my parents hands ''DI DI!!!!" I hear familiar Irish accents ''LACIE!!! NIALL!!!'' My mom yells and hugs Niall and Lacie ''i thought we were going to meet you guys at your house?'' i ask ''you guys are we just came to see the best aunt and uncle'' Lacie says and hugs my dad ''we wanted to go for a walk. the others are catching up'' Niall yells hugging my mom. ''oh'' i say. 

Ashton's POV

i'm talking to Kandi, Hannah's mom, while Hannah was in the bathroom. ''would you like some tea?'' Kandi asks ''Ye, thank you'' i say ''IMMA BACK'' Hannah yells as she slides into the kitchen ''Hannah! no yelling!" Kandi yells ''haha! you got yelled at!" i tease her she just sits next to me at the island and sticks her tongue out at me ''here you go hunny'' Kandi tells me as she puts the cup of tea in front of me ''thank you'' i smile at Kandi ''Well Hannah. you've found a keeper!'' Kandi says smiling ''i know.'' she says and puts her head on my shoulder. i kiss the top of her head and Seth walks in ''Eww! Flipping disgusting!" he cringes ''Oh come on Seth! you do that to Crystal!" Kandi yells ''SETHY GOTS A GIRLY FRIEND!!!!'' Hannah yells and i laugh. ''mom we are going to MiMi's house!'' Hannah yells and pulls me out the door ''thank you for the tea!" i yell as we go out the door

Lacie's POV

i hop into my parents door and yelled ''THE BABY SHAMROCK IS IN DA HOUSE!'' i hear foot steps run towards my direction ''LACIE!!!'' My mum yells and envelopes me in a huge hug ''mum!'' i yell ''Lacie! you forgot your crutches!'' Luke yells running into the house ''Luke! this is my mum, Maura Gallagher!'' i say gaining my balance back ''nice to meet you Mrs.Gallagher!" Luke says and holds his hand out for a hand shake ''Please its Maura! Nice to meet you Luke!" my mum says and takes him in a hug. haha! we NEVER shake hands! always a hug!"now what is this about crutches?" my mum asks ''my foot. i broke it playing match maker for Hannah... It turned out great!" i say and hop over to Luke ''ok good'' my mum says ''Is my little Shamrock here?" my step dad ,Chris, yells  ''YASSS!" i yell and hug spins me around in a hug ''you kick a door again?" he asks ''hehe ya'' i say and lean on luke for balance''hello, im Luke'' Luke says ''ugh someone carry me! i dont wanna stand!'' i yell. Luke sets the crutches up against the wall and picks me up ''thank you!'' i say and wrap my arms around Luke's neck ''I'm Chris! i would hug you but this little shamrock is in the way!'' Chris says ''Nice to meet you!" Luke shakes Chris' hand ''Lacie when do you get the cast off?'' my mum asks ''actually i think today!" i say and pull my phone out ''yup!'' i try to do a little happy dance ''then you get the boot'' Luke says and i groan ''you could have let me open the door'' Luke says ''i was in the moment. mummy? could you drive me to the hospital?" i ask ''Chris can do it!'' mum says ''i have to start lunch. bye guys!" my mum yells ''bye mum! Luke do you want to stay here and hang with Niall?'' ''no i think i might help Maura out with lunch'' Luke says and lets me on the floor ''Maura? can i help you with lunch?" he asks ''sure!'' my mum yells i peck luke's lips ''bye Luke'' i say and take the crutches ''bye Lacie, do you want me to help you down the stairs?'' he asks ''no but thanks'' i say and peck his cheek ''come on Lacie!" Chris yells from outside ''coming!" i yell and walk out 

Luke's POV

i go into the kitchen to help Maura ''what can i help with?" i ask ''you get to dice the potatoes and you can be the taste tester'' she says. ''ok'' i go to the sink and wash my hands and i go to the chopping board and i start cutting the potatoes and ''She's So Perfect'' comes on and i start to laugh ''hey this is a good song. Don't be laughing'' Maura says ''Thanks. this is my band playing'' i say and start on cutting the next potato ''oh now i know why you were laughing'' Maura says and giggles a bit ''how many potatoes?" i ask ''that's good. now you can sit down and taste this sandwich'' she sets a sandwich in front of me. i take a bite ''this taste amazing!" i say ''thank you'' Maura says and sets other food in front of me ''Maura, don't tell my mom but you are the best cook ever!'' i say ''thank you Luke, i'm going to take these away before you get full'' Maura says and takes the food ''YAAAS NO MORE CRUTCHES!" Lacie yells and walks in ''heyy mum!'' she says and hugs Maura ''he didn't eat all of the food did he? '' Lacie asks ''No. keep this one. he likes my cooking'' Maura laughs ''ok. Hannah an-'' Lacie got cut off by ''MIMI!!!!'' yelled by Hannah ''HANNAH!!" Maura yells and hugs her ''oh my god are you making those amazing sandwiches!?" Hannah says ''Yes!" i say and sit Lacie on my lap ''they're amazing!" Lacie says '''who is this lad?" Maura asks ''hi i'm Ashton'' Ashton says and hugs Maura ''well aren't you two the cutest!" Maura gushes about how cute Lacie and I are ''mum i think we are going to the park. i'm goonna get dressed first. it's warm out there!" lacie says and drags me upstairs to a room. ''this is my old room. no judging'' she tells me. i walk in and her whole wall is covered with posters of 5sos ''omg its like a shrine of me and the boys in here!" i say ''can you sleep in here with them up?" she asks me and gets clothes out for both of us ''yea.'' i says and she throws clothes at me. she starts getting undressing ''i think i can trust getting dresses in front of you'' she laughs ''yup but can i trust getting dressed in front of you?" i ask and grab her waist and bring here closer to me ''maybe. can you let me go now?" she asks ''not without a kiss'' i says and she pecks my lips ''no a kiss not a peck'' i say and she kisses me. which turns out into a little make out session ''now you can get dressed'' i say and i start getting dresses. i  look over at Lacie who is looking perfect. she is wearing short shorts with one of my graphic t-shirts. and shes wearing a purple Supra. ''you look amazing'' i say to to Lacie ''thank you but you look better without this'' she says tugging on my shirt ''same to you cheeky girl'' i say ''oh i'm the cheeky one?" she says trying to get my shirt off ''yes. you're my cheeky little shamrock'' i say and kiss her nose ''i can live with that. now how am i going to get this unwanted piece of fabric off of you?" she ponders ''we are going to the park remember?" i say and put a hoodie on over my shirt ''yes i do lets go'' she says and grabs my hand

this chappie is so long!!! -LubearHoran p.s. Have fun in D.C. Hannah!


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