Oh brother!

Lacie and her cousin Hannah go to live with her over protective brother. they meet someone special.


27. on WEDNESDAY we wear pink

Lacie's P.O.V.

i get a text from Luke that says Hey my irish cutie look in the closet. i think there is something in there for you ;) ily so much- your sexy Aussie

i get up and looking the closet to see this cute outfit


there's a note stuck to the dress "Put it on them on and DON'T  put your contacts or new make up on...  since your hair is perfect don't mess with it. I LUV YOU - your Lukie

I put them on and see a note in my jewelry "Go to the lobby after you put your batman earrings in -your Luke <3" i follow the note then go to the lobby "Miss Horan i will be your driver but Mr. Hemmings told me to put this on you. By the way my name is Mr. Paul Higgins." Paul tells me. i giggle ''Nice seeing you Paul." then i put the blindfold on. Paul guides me to the car then we go off. i hear the engine go off "We're here Miss.Horan." Paul says "Don't take your blindfold off." he tells me then gets out of the car. i unbuckle and someone opens the door. they take my hand then guide me away from the car. "You look gorgeous baby" my Aussie says. i feel him kiss me. i kiss back and he takes my blindfold off. WE JUST FUCKING KISSED IN FRONT OF THE EIFFEL TOWER!! (am i the only one who says Eiffel Tower in a really bad posh french accent??)   "Woah its so beautiful" i gasp "Cheesy line coming but its true... its not as beautiful as you." Luke says. i giggle then we walk to the table that has a silver plate with a cover. Luke pulls the chair out for me and i gladly accept. he scurries to his seat "Ok" he say and takes the cover off the plate... its pizza. i laugh as he gets a bucket from under the table that has a big Snapple bottle. he opens it and fills the two wine glasses sitting on the table. "this has to be the best date ever" i laugh taking a slice of pizza. we talk and laugh until our song "Let Her Go" by Passenger starts playing. Luke gets up  "May i have this dance?" he asks with his hand out. "Yes you may" i accept then we walk to this bridge and slow dance. we get back to where we kissed as the ends. "Lacie Horan will you make me more happy than i am and marry me?" he asks on one knee "Yes!!!" i say and almost cry.  first he puts the gorgeous ring on my finger and he gets up then picks me up "I love you" Luke says then we kiss.

(i never showed Hannah's ring so this is her's)


and Lacie's







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