Oh brother!

Lacie and her cousin Hannah go to live with her over protective brother. they meet someone special.


25. note

if you didn't read my memo i am going to be ending "Oh Brother!" in at least 4-5 more chapters..... BUT my little Penguins you'll be seeing Hannah and Lacie in a second book!!! I AM OFFICIALLY CONFIRMING A SEQUEL!!!! So Hannah and Lacie will be on more adventures with the 1D and 5SOS lads! i am giving that Dani (the little girl) will be there and babay Lydia will be too (but both will be older) so my penguins there won't be any epilogue in this book and im not sure but the "Oh Brother!" might be ending with a second book. so i'll probably start a different book after the sequel! and i have to say that you guys have been so so supportive in this book being that if you didn't know i had a different book called "The One" about a romance with Niall but after a while i  stopped and deleted the book and "Oh Brother!" was being written! thank you for reading my book, i love my penguins, and there's almost 300 penguins now!!!! im so so so happy!!!

REMEMBER..... WEAR PINK ON WEDNESDAY (and send me a pic on insta if you have one my insta is in my bio), SLAY BABES, LOVE YA, STAY GHETTO!!!!

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