Oh brother!

Lacie and her cousin Hannah go to live with her over protective brother. they meet someone special.


5. no! i hate you!

anonymous POV 

we just got home from dinner and movie so i go to see what luke and Lacie are doing. ''hey la-'' i start but stop as a see Lacie and Luke kissing ''WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!'' I yell in rage

Lukes pov

im kissing Lacie and FIREWORKS ARE GOING OFF! but i hear someone yell something but i didn't listen.

Lacies pov

i hear someone yell something but im not listening. i feel someone rip me from luke. OMG ITS NIALL! i see luke being punched i think my vision is blurry from hitting the wall. ''YOU ARE NOT ALOUD TO BE WITH HER! YOU'RE NOT GOOD ENOUGH! DONT LOOK AT HER AGAIN!'' i hear niall yell now my eyes are blurry from crying. it is like what happened to my first boyfriend. i curl up in a ball and rock myself saying good things trying to block niall out.

Hannahs pov

we get back and im walking to my room with Ashton ,we share a room. when i hear yelling from niall and i think. lacie. i drop everything and run to Lacie's room. i see Niall throwing punches at Luke so i ninja kick niall off of him. then i see lacie in a ball muttering good words to herself i pick her up as she sobs into me. i see Luke get up. he sees lacie and scoops her out of my arms.

lukes pov

im getting beat up by niall but someone got him off of me. thank that person. i get up but my vision is a little blurry. i see hannah on the floor with Lacie sobbing in her arms. oh no, i made her cry!! i scoop her up out of Hannah's arms and cradle her in my arms as i rock her back and forth. ''im so sorry this happened'' i whisper to her as my eyes get blurry with tears ''its not your fault, its my brother. it isn't the first time this has happened'' she tells me ''give me my sister luke'' niall growls at me i hand her to him and almost cry ''hannah don't let that get to my sister.'' he says and points to me and walks out. ''im sorry luke'' hannah says and walks out with lacie in her arms. Ashton walks in. i crack, i start sobbing Ash runs to me and hugs me ''he'll come around mate'' he tells me ''im going to stay in here and Lacie will stay with hannah. he run into Lacies closet and grabs some clothes and runs them to his room. i get up and get a black sweatshirt and stick it on and go to my bathroom. i looked terrible. black eyes, busted lip,and my cheek throbbing. my face is covered in salty tears too. but i dont care. i just want Lacie.

i know Luke and Lacie have only met but ever heard of "love at first sight?"

lacies pov

''take me to Luke'' i demand ''i cant!'' hannah yells ''fine i'll go myself'' i say and run out of the room but i get picked up ''put me down'' i spit out but the person just takes me to their room. its liam! ''liam! i need to see Luke!'' i yell in his face ''you can't Niall won't let you im so sorry just fall asleep'' liam says. IDEA! ''ok Li" i say and lay down and ''fall asleep'' ok so its like 5 in the morning. i sneak into the hall way and go down stairs to get a drink to find...

lukes pov

i am in the kitchen getting an ice pack because my eye is throbbing when i hear someone coming in. ''luke?'' i hear a beautiful voice. i turn around to see Lacie ''lacie!'' i whisper yell and walk over and pick her up and hug her ''i miss you'' i whisper in her ear ''me too'' i feel my shoulder getting wet. i look to see she is crying.''no babe don't cry. im going to start crying'' i whisper and blink tears away. she giggles as i wipe the tears away. ''i was gonna sneak into your room but i was thirsty'' she whispers.'' i hate Niall for doing this, i will never forgive him. hes dead to me'' she whispers

nialls pov

i go downstairs to get a drink but i stop and see Lacie crying in Luke's arms oh im gonna kill that kid. ''i hate niall for doing this, i will never forgive him, hes dead to me'' she says while luke wipes her tears away ''you don't mean that Lace, i know you love him. you're just mad he won't let me see you'' he reassures her i feel tears coming i run upstairs to Harry's room ''harry?'' i ask as i walk in ''close your eyes boy'' he whispers i do what he tells me because taylor is in here (everyone knows haylor is over but she won't in this storu for that long ;) p.s. I HATED HAYLOR!) ''ok you're good.'' he tells me i open my eyes and start sobbing ''mate,why are you crying ?'' he says hugging me ''lacie hates me'' i sob on his shoulder. ''if you kissed the girl you liked and her older brother took you away from her and he beat you up?'' he asks me ''terrible'' i say '' how do you think Luke and Lacie feel?'' he asks me then i realize what i have done. a huge mistake, that's it 

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