Oh brother!

Lacie and her cousin Hannah go to live with her over protective brother. they meet someone special.


12. mulligar

Lacies pov

i woke up and couldn't move. oh yeah! ITS LUKE! he had me in a death grip while i was sleeping on his stomach and him on his back. i move closer to him and kiss his lips. he forgot to take his lip ring out! he lets go of my waist and put his hands in my hair ''best awakening'' Luke says as we pull away ''you had a death grip on me!" i laugh and walk into my old bathroom ''sorry'' he shrugs. Today we are going to visit Greg, Denise, and baby Theo!!! omg i think i am more excited to see Theo then Greg and Denise! we are also visiting my dad, Bobby! i finish in the bathroom putting lipgloss on and brushing my teeth and hair. today i am wearing short shorts with spike stud things on the pockets, a tank top with one of Luke's flannels tucked in, and a snap back. i stick my glasses on then i get socks and my favorite shoes, my purple Supras. Luke came out of the bathroom with only pants on. ''i like this look'' i smirk walking towards him ''i like your outfit too but i don't think i am leaving this room without this shirt on'' he says holding a shirt and my waist. ''i know but Theo probably won't be up right now, we can stay in here'' i say wrapping my arms around his neck. ''Lacie, Luke breakfast is ready'' niall says at the door ''fine'' i say and Niall closes the door ''told you'' Luke says  i just kiss him. ''how about now?'' i ask ''hmm sorry still need breakfast'' he says and kisses my cheek ''dang it'' i mutter and look for my lip ring. ''lip ring is on the counter in the bathroom'' luke says putting socks and shoes on ''thank you'' i say and put the ring in my lip ''Shamrock? Can you do my hair?" luke asks sitting my on the counter ''sure'' i say and grab hair jell ''thank you Shamrock'' he says and kisses me ''i'm guessing i am getting call "shamrock" from you to?" i say and run my finger through his hair moving the jell in his hair ''yup. i like it'' he says ''haha ok'' i say and run a comb through the front to give it a quiff style. he looks in the mirror and i run my fingers through his hair one more time to make it look messier  ''thanks Shamrock'' he says and kisses me and i hear a snap. i look to see Hannah with her phone ''send it to me'' Luke says i just laugh and kiss him again. i hear another snap, I see Ashton with his phone ''send it to me'' i say and Luke picks me up ''are you wearing his shirt again?" Hannah asked ''Yup!" i say and Luke puts me down ''ok so when are we meeting Seth's girl?" Hannah asks i choke on air. ''THAT KID HAS A GIRLFRIEND?" I yell. Ha! feel bad for her! "yea! her name is Crystal!" Hannah says on her phone. i hear Luke's solo in She's So Perfect. My phone :/. i grab it and its from Ashton, its the pic of Luke and i kissing. i make it my lock screen then lock my phone.''IMMA GOING DOWNSTAIRS!" i strut out the door and i see my step dad walking up the stairs ''hey Chris'' i say and run down to the kitchen ''morning mum!'' i say and hug her ''morning darling'' she says and kisses my cheek ''ooh bacon'' i say and grab a piece and eat it ''MOM LACIE IS GONNA EAT ALL THE BACON!" Niall yells running and tackling me ''get off me big butt!'' i say and push him off of me and sit on him ''truce?" he asks ''truce'' i shake his hand and we jump up and eat all the food ''thank you mum! best cook ever!" i say and kiss her cheek ''thank you darling, are you going to Greg"s today?" she asks ''yes mum, do you want me to take something?'' i ask ''yes. i got Theo a new  baby girdle'' she says (if you don't know a baby girdle is a onesie)  ''OK mum, i take it" i say and grab it and put it in my vans book bag  ''YOU GUYS COMING?'' I yell upstairs and grab my football  and everyone runs towards me ''let's go! Bye mum love you!" i say and run out the door ''so were are we going first?'' i ask tossing the ball around ''umm.... lets go visit Milly!" Niall says ''omg yes! Milly is an old lady who employed Hannah, Niall, and me! she owns a small diner'' i say and hear a honk. ''BILL! HEYY!" I yell and Niall , Hannah, and i wave. ''omg is that Ally?'' Hannah asks ''OMG YASS!'' i yell running to the mid 30's aged woman ''SHAMROCK!" she yells and hugs me ''ally!" i say ''cute book bag'' she says as i we walk off ''thank ally!" i yell back ''do you guys know everyone here?" Luke and Ashton ask ''Yup! the best thing about Mullingar is that our community is tight together'' i say and kick my ball and is lands in Milly's hands ''Lacie! Niall! Hannah!'' she yells as she sits the ball down ''Milly! we came to see you!" i say and hug her ''i missed you'' i say ''i missed you! on your way to Greg's?" she asks ''yup!'' i laugh ''great! well stop by after going there and im guessing your going to Bobby's too?" ''Yes Milly we will see yah!" i say and we walk to Greg's house. i see Greg sitting on the porch with Denise and SHE HAS THEO!!! ''Greg! my eldest brother!" i say and give him a hug ''Denise! my favorite sister in law!" i say and hug her ''and my little dude Theo!'' i say and take him from Denise. he make cute baby noises im all like DAT LIL DUDE SO CUTE!!! Lol Jk. so what i was saying is he was making cute baby noises while he was in my arms. he started playing with my hair. HE IS SO CUTE!!!! He gets his looks from his best aunt MWAH! 

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