Oh brother!

Lacie and her cousin Hannah go to live with her over protective brother. they meet someone special.


14. mulligar and London

Luke's pov

i literally love it here in Mullingar! right now i'm playing with Theo, HE IS THE CUTEST! ''So Luke how long have you and Lacie been dating?" Denise asks ''umm a couple months'' i say and she nods ''OH MAH GAWD!!! ITS JAZZ!" Lacie yells then runs and hugs a girl walking on the side walk ''JAZZY!" Hannah yells and hugs her ''Hey guys what you guys doin back in Mullingar?'' the girl asks ''visiting'' Lacie says ''Well i gotta go my boyfriends at my house, skype me k?" she say ''yup!'' Hannah yells and the girl starts walking again. the girls walk back onto the porch ''that was Jazz, she's one of our old accomplices in pranking'' lacie says ''ah those were the days'' Hannah says and laughs. ''guys! we gotta get going. my dad texted me that he made food. bye Denise, Greg , bye BABY BOY.'' I said and hugged them a chorus of byes went around and we started walking down the side walk when i realize i left my ball there. eh, i will get it on the way back. i hop on Luke's back as he's walking and kiss his cheek. we get to my dad's house and i jump off of Luke's back and run to the door and walk in. mmm! my dad made his awesome  spaghetti!! ''DADDY!" I yell ''SHAMROCK!" He yells and hugs me ''i missed you guys'' he says ''dad i want you to meet Luke, my boyfriend, and Ashton, Hannah's boyfriend.'' i guide him towards the others ''nice to meet you mr.horan'' Luke and ashton say and hug my dad ''its Bobby boys. where's Niall?" he asks ''he was here a-'' i start and run to the kitchen. ''NIALL STOP EATING!" I yell and he stops shoveling food in his mouth. everyone runs in ''Dad!" Niall yells and hugs our dad ''it tastes good'' Niall says ''WELL YA ITS SPAGHETTI!'' I yell ugh im stuck with this Irish food lover as a brother.  ''SORRY BABY SISTER!" He yells and hugs me ''ITS OK OLDER BRUDDER!'' I yell back ''ok lets eat before those two do'' my dad laughs and gets all of a plate. *after dinner* ''thanks daddy! you make the best spaghetti EVA!'' I say and hug him ''are you guys stoppin at Millie's?" he asks ''yup!" Hannah says ''ok'' my dad says. my dad, Niall, Hannah, and i have a group hug ''goodbye,love you my children and niece'' my dad says. ''bye dad love you'' Niall and i said ''bye my bestest uncle in the world''Hannah says ''bye my bestest niece'' my dad says ''bye Shamrock'' he says and hugs me ''bye food theif'' he tells niall and hugs him. that's when i got nervous. i wasn't really sure if my dad liked Ash and Luke.i bit my lip as my dad walked towrds Luke and Ash. ''Take care of my niece''he tells Ashton. phew Ash is ok now. Luke.

Luke's pov

i could see Lacie was more nervous than i am. i wasn't so sure Bobby liked me. Ash got pass him but Hannah is his niece and Lacie is his DAUGHTER I repeat DAUGHTER!!! he gave me this disapproving look, oh no, i got more nervous. i looked at lacie and she started to smile, why? i looked back at Bobby nervously. he expression softened and he started to laugh, excuse my language but WHAT THE FUCK!? ''haha it was nice meeting you Luke. when Niall can't be there to look over her, you be there. promise me?'' he said PHEW! HE LIKES ME ''Even when he's there i still will'' i said and he hugged me ''now. i have to tell you. your face was priceless a few mins ago'' he smile ''haha see yah bobby'' i said we all headed out. *skip two days*

(Hannah has been a pain in the ass bothering me saying "i should be in the story more'' here you go pain in the ass;) )

hannahs pov

we are heading to London today. im sad im leaving my beloved Mullingar but its not home anymore. home is with Lacie and 1d and 5sos. Mullingar is my childhood though, and that won't change. right now im wearing dark demin short shorts with a rainbow Hipsta Please sweatshirt over one of Ash's tank tops  ''Ash can you straighten my hair?" yeah. Ashton can use a straightener better than me. ''yea come in here'' he called from my old bathroom. i walk in and he's plugging in my straightener. with. no. freaking. shirt. ''take a pic. it last longer.'' he smirked i grabbed my phone and snapped a picture of him. he pulled my waist towards him and grabbed my phone and sat it on the counter. ''we don't need that right now'' he whispered in my ear then kissed my neck. i put my arms around his neck and then he kissed my lips. i deepened the kiss as he pushed me on the counter, i decided to tease him and pull away ''later.'' i say and turned around to my phone and hooked it to iHome and started playing ''Yeah'' by Usher. Ash got a little mad at me for teasing him ''its not nice to tease'' he says sitting on the toilet seat. ''sorry baby. we can continue this when we get to London'' i say and take my sweatshirt off. ''good'' he says and starts the process of doing my hair.*at airport* we all said bye to our family and we are in the airport. with lacie vlogging."flight 4 to London is now boarding'' the voice went off ''thats us talk to you guys later'' Lacie blew a kiss into her camera and we all walked to our flight. in first class :D. in the plane i sat in the seat closest to the aisle   while Ash sat in the window seat. the annoying flight attendant told us the rules and we were buckled in. i leaned my head on Ash's shoulder when sleep over took me. i felt someone kissing me. Ash. i opened my eyes and kissed back ''we've landed'' Ash says then i unbuckle and get up and let Ash out. we all got out of the airport and headed home.we all get home and Ash yawns ''I think i'm gonna go to sleep'' he says ''i will too'' i say and follow him upstairs. ''USE PROTECTION!'' Louis and Lacie yell ''WE WILL'' I yell. Ash and i just laugh quietly ''YOU GET HER PREGNANT IRWIN IM CUTTING YOUR BABY MAKER OFF!'' Lacie yells from downstairs. Ash's eyes go big and he runs into our room. i just walk in and he grabs my waist and closes the door.but this time i kiss his  neck ''you know we don't have to do it. we can wait'' ashton whispers ''no, i want to'' i whispered back. (i'm not going in details so yea later that night) i changed into a pair of sweatpant shorts things and a superman jumper (sweater). i put my hair into a messy bun and i walked downstairs to see everyone but Ash curled up on the huge couch watching paranormal activity 1. Luke and Lacie under one blanket,  El and Louis under one, Sophia and Liam under another, Zayn and Perrie, Niall and Harry (haha I LOVE NARRY!), and finally Cal and Mikey. Ash came down the stairs and went into the kitchen, i followed for no reason. actually i'm hungry. i walk in and Ash pulls me in for a kiss. ''clearly they didn't get enough'' i heard Lacie say and then laughs ''i'm going to go scare the boys'' Ash says and sneaks into the living room ''ashton ohhh ashton!'' Sophia wails and the girls laugh as i blush. ''you used protection right?'' El asks. i nod ''thank god i'm not ready for another baby. Theo and Lux are a handful. Lacie says ''AHHH ITS KATIE AHHHH EL SAVE ME!!!!!'' We hear louis shriek and run to El. all of the boys run in. Luke literally jumps in Lacie's lap. ''Luke you're squishing me'' Lacie says and he get off her lap. he lifts Lacie up and sets her in his lap as he sits 

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