Oh brother!

Lacie and her cousin Hannah go to live with her over protective brother. they meet someone special.


7. MAH FOOT and heyy girls!

lacies pov

yea i broke my foot. I GET A PURPLE CAST THO!!! it will go with everything! Hannah and Aston are here. i have to use crutches too :P. and of course my NEW amazing boyfriend is here. yea im dating luke!!! we just pulled into the drive way and i get out and start to hop but Luke quickly picks me up ''can one of you two get her crutches?!?'' he yells as i open the door ''k!'' hannah yells. she just wants to play with them -_- as he walks in i jump out of his arms on to my good foot and i hop upstairs. i get a different pair of sweatpants, a neon green crop top, and Luke's hoodie. i put them on them i brush my hair and my teeth. i hop to the stairs and slide down them on my butt. i get up and hop to the living room ''heyy people i dont know!'' i say and balance on my good foot ''hi! im Eleanor. you can call me El if you want'' Eleanor says and hugs me ''im lacie. nice to meet you El'' i say ''lacie do you need the crutches?'' luke asks ''CRUTCHES?'' Niall yells ''yea. i kinda ninja kicked a door and broke my foot'' i say hiding behind El ''niall leave her alone!'' El yells at him ''you are my favorite person right now'' i say to El ''thanks!'' she says and sits in Louis' lap ''hey im sophia!'' Sophia says and hugs me ''and im Perrie!'' Perrie yells and hug me too ''well im lacie!'' i say ''Barbra come and see lacie!" Perrie yells ''ugh fine'' she says and straightens her shirt out ''barbra'' she says and shakes my hand. then walks back to Niall and starts kissing him. ok? ''barbra is his girlfriend'' Sophia says. my jaw drops, he never told me! ''im going to the toilet i will be right back'' Niall says and walks away. we hear the door close and Barbra comes up to me ''listen brat! you get in my way you will be killed. now go and get me a water peasant'' she says and pushes me. i almost fall but Sophia catches me. ''thanks'' i tell Sophia ''now you listen. 1 im nobody's peasant 2 what way would i get in?'' i ask ''mine. now leave my presence your ugliness hurts my eyes'' that is when Luke broke ''you listen! Lacie is the most beautiful girl! if you dont know. she is wearing no makeup! you are wearing layers! and it certainly doesn't work on your face'' he says. wow. Barbra goes in the kitchen and get a glass of water and tries to pour it on my me put i push on her and it splashes her in the face ''look you can see her face!'' Luke says ''you slut!'' she yells at me and punches me in the face i fall to the ground. i get up and hop away ''lacie what happened?'' niall asks me ''Barbra'' i say and hop away.

nialls pov 

i walk out of the bathroom and see lacie hopping away i ask her what happened and she said barbra. i walk into the living room to see Barbra just sitting there. ''everyone left'' she says doing her makeup ''your evil sister poured water on me. and called me a slut'' she says i rage upstairs to lacie's room ''YOU BITCH!'' i yell and slap her. i walk downstairs and grab Barbra and walk out of the door.

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