Oh brother!

Lacie and her cousin Hannah go to live with her over protective brother. they meet someone special.


23. kidnapping..........

Lacie's P.O.V.

Its been 5 days 5 FUCKING DAYS!!! "Lacie come on the police need to talk to us... you to Ash." Luke sniffles. Luke, Ashton ,and I have basically have been mourning over the kidnapping.

Danielle's P.O.V. (Hannah's helper or whatever you wanna call her)

i'm in my room well the room is slight better than Hannah's... i have an actual mattress and a mirror. "PUT YOUR HANDS UP IN THE AIR!!!!!" I hear male voices echo through the building. The door opens and its Hannah. "Come here Dani" she opens her arms. "we're leaving" Hannah whispers and picks me up the best she can. i slowly fall asleep as we walk outside.

Hannah's p.o.v

"you can watch over her for a weeks if you want." the lady officer tells me as the nurse person checks up on Dani and I. I lay Dani down on the seat and wait to go home

Ashton's POV

We walk to my flat for some ungodly reason. I shrug through the door and see Hannah. "Hannah." I whisper and we hug "I'm never letting you go ever again." I whisper "I miss you so fucking much Ash." She whispers that's when I smash my lips into hers. "Ok move it bitch I wanna see my crazy mother fucker" Lacie says and pushes me away as I hug Hannah after the kiss. The group comes over and Hannah brings this up "There's this little girl, Dani, she needs a home but we can't have TWO kids already." She says laying herself on me. "Could I see her?" Liam asks Hannah nods and they walk to the bedroom.


Liam's POV (I'm in a good mood so we get a special)

ever since Sophia broke up with me I need something special to fill my heart. Hannah quietly opens the door and  we see the fragile small girl in the middle of the huge bed. "Hannah?" Dani ask "Yes darling its me." she motions me to come sit on the bed as she tries to sit on it. the little girl crawls to Hannah and hides from me "Its OK Dani Liam is nice. he might be your new father." Hannah says. Dani shows her face more and i give her a warm smile. she comes out more to me "Hi, I'm Dani." she says "I'm Liam. nice to meet you." i smile and for the first time she smiles. "Are those the only clothes you have?" i ask looking at the ragged old Converse on the floor and the jumper and pj pants shes wearing. "Yes." she says sadly "Come on i have a few little girl clothes at my flat... do you trust me?" i ask she nods and we walk to my flat.

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