Oh brother!

Lacie and her cousin Hannah go to live with her over protective brother. they meet someone special.


6. im so sorry

niall's pov

i wake up and go downstairs to make breakfast, i go into the living room and put pandora on the tv (its a thing on smart tv's) i didnt put on loud so i wouldnt wake anyone up. i turn around to see luke laying down on the couch with lacie sleeping in arms. they're actually cute. i go into the kitchen and hear my phone go off. BARBRA!! 

b= barbra n= niall

n= hey 

b= hey babe

n= u coming today

b=yup im pulling right now

n= k see yah bye 

b= bye

end of convo

i walk to the door and wait for Barbra. but i get Eleanor, Sophia,and Perrie. ''hey niall'' they say and go to the boys room. barbra comes up to me and kisses me ''hey babe'' i say through the kiss ''hey'' she says and walks in. i close the dor and go back to mixing my pancake mix. ''so how are you doing?'' barbra asks ''not that great, i got my sister to hate me. im going to fix it though'' i say and take the bacon and set it in the skillet. ''oh'' barbra says. i am half way done with the bacon when i hear a groan and lacie running in ''BACON!!!'' she yells ''ow!" luke says and comes in ''oh niall'' lacie says ''lacie im sorry! i was wrong, can you forgive me?'' ''i can see luke?'' she asks ''yes'' i say and she jumps into my arms ''thank you ni'' she says and gets off me ''oh and nobody go into Ashton and Hannah's room.'' she says and runs upstairs with two pieces of bacon. ''why did you groan?'' i ask luke ''when she got up she legit jumped off of me on to the floor, standing on me'' he says laying on the floor. ''haha!'' i laugh

hannahs pov 

i wake up in ashton's arms. How? i try to get out but his grip gets tighter. i lick his face and he wakes up ''eww'' he says ''can you let go of me?'' i ask ''oh yeah sorry" he says and let go of me i walk to the door and i see a note hey Ashton, Hannah whoever is reading. you are locked in. you cant come out until you two r dating!!! p.s. the door is locked love Luke and Lacie. ''they locked us in!'' i yell ''ok lets watch movies then'' Ashton says  *mid day* ''haha!'' i say ''i know!'' ashton yells. we watched movies all day. right now it is freezing in our room!!! we are under a comforter cuddling ''hannah, can i ask you something?" Ashton says getting serious. ''yea?'' i ask getting nervous. he smashes his lips into mine and we kiss for a few seconds. ''will you by my girl friend?" he asks i smile and kiss him ''yes'' i say we kiss again and i hear "NINJA!!!'' and a bang we pull away to see lacie on the floor ''i think you guy might need a new door. and i need a new foot'' she says ''what did you do?!?!?!" i yell ''she ninja kicked the door'' luke answers ''oh well get her to the hospital'' i say ''bye love birds!'' lacie say hopping out of the door ''NO I CAN WALK!!!'' lacie yells ''never mind! carry me peasant!'' she yells ''omg im stuck with her'' i say ''im stuck with luke!'' ashton yells ''well im going to go meet them there. wanna come?'' i ask ''of course" he says and grabs his shoes.

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