Oh brother!

Lacie and her cousin Hannah go to live with her over protective brother. they meet someone special.



Hannah's POV

so im scared. like shitless scared. in a like 2 weeks is my due date and umm i do not know if im ready to take care of Lydia! ''Ash! im going out with Lacie!" i yell and i hear ily and i leave.

Lacie's  POV 

i wake up and i don't feel Luke by my side. i put my glasses on while standing up and i grab Luke's black and yellow under armor sweatshirt thats sitting on the dresser. i walk out to the living room and see Luke sitting there frustrated trying to write a song. i walk behind him and hug him then kiss his cheek. he eases as i kiss him ''Good morning babe'' he says in a raspy voice lets just say that was HOT! ''morning Lukey'' i say and he gets up and walk around the couch to me '' i love it when you wear my clothes'' he says grabbing my waist. i get on my tip toes and peck his lips but he holds me there. ''i'm going to have to get Hannah soon'' i mumble against his lips. i feel him frown so i pull away "OK but when you get back your all mine!!!" he grumbles i laugh ''i agree'' i say then kiss him one more time then run to the bedroom to find a pink shirt. its Wednesday. i get dressed in black and pink batman leggings, purple Supras, a "Fetch" t shirt, my glasses, and Luke's black under armor sweat shirt. i french braid my hair from the left to the right then stick a pink batman under armor headband in. i grab my Vans bookbag and stuff my phone, wallet, and water bottle in it. "Luke!!!  im going to get Hannah!!!! I LUV YOU!" i yell and walk out the door.

Hannah's POV

i was walking to Lacie's flat and i feel some cloth go over my mouth. being an idiot i breath in to calm down..... every thing goes black.

Lacie's P.O.V.

I was getting ready to leave when Ash calls A=Ashton L=Lacie

L= Hey Ash

A=hey is Hannah with you she was walking to your flat and she told me she would text me

L=Ummm no i was just about to come there

A= I've called alot but she won't answer

L=Oh my god she.... she's gone

A= I'm coming over OK don't move 


call ended

i call the police and they are coming here. "I'M HERE!" Ashton yells i can tell his voice is trembling. What's going on?" Luke asks "H-H-Han-Hannah is Mis-mis-missing!" i break, i collapse onto the floor "SHE'S GONE! MY BEST FRIEND! SHE'S GONE!!!" I sob/yell. i feel someone pick me up, probably Luke. ''Shh shh we'll find her shh its going to be OK.'' Luke whispers in my ear slightly rocking me. "She... she's gone Luke" i whisper. "Lacie you have to calm down.... the police need to ask us questions." he whispers and sets me up. "Oh OK" i say and kiss his cheek.

Hannah's P.O.V.

AHHH FUCK! my back aches like shit! i wake up and i see cold black walls and a cot thing i'm laying on. "Hannah? Here's some bread I'm so sorry they're doing this." a small girl whispers loud enough i can hear "Its OK" i whisper in a VERY raspy voice. "DANIELLE GET YOUR SKINNY ASS BACK HERE AFTER YOU FEED THE SLUT!" A booming male voice "i'll help you get out... if you help me get away from my uncles." Danielle whispers i nod and eat one of the pieces of bread. "DANIELLE!" the voice booms again i jump a little by it "I gotta go sorry" she  says running out of the room. i stretch out and i feel my phone in my high top.... yes my phone is in my shoe. i look around the room and see no cameras around. this pregnant boss ass bitch is busting Danielle and herself out.

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