Oh brother!

Lacie and her cousin Hannah go to live with her over protective brother. they meet someone special.


26. destination

luke's P.O.V.

I wake up before Lacie and creep out of the room. i get the hidden breakfast from the cupboard and put it on a tray and creep up in the room to see my beautiful Lacie sleeping peacefully. And in my sweatshirt. i go and lay down beside her then start to kiss her. i hear Lacie start to giggle. i roll over till she's on top of my then i sit up causing her to wrap her legs around my waist. "Someones friendly this morning." Lacie says as i reach over and get her glasses. ''That's not it'' i say then while carrying her i get the tray "Awe Lukie!" she says admiring the food i had made (i had made it when she was out) "thank you" she says each word between a peck on the lips. "Welcome baby but it might not be good as you're cooking" i say and she gasps "Luke that doesn't matter to me the love is what matters. i love you so much Luke Hemmings!" she says picking up the fork and eats a piece of the pancake. she grabs the bacon and feeds it to me "What's this?" she ask looking at the card sitting by the 6 roses."Look" i say and she opens it "Luke!!!!!" she says with tears in her eyes "WE'RE GOING TO PARIS!!!!" she screams and kisses me hard. we're all going different places. Lydia is with DiDi (we all call Hannah's mom that besides Hannah and Ash), Hannah and Ash are on their honeymoon on a cruise in the Bahamas, Zerrie is at Disneyland, Harry went to his mom's, Mikey, Cal, and Ni went to Hawaii, Elounor went to Jamaica, and Liam and his new adoptive daughter Dani  (when i say Dani i don't mean Liam's ex i mean the little girl okey!) went to Cancun. "And i love you Lacie Horan too" i say "We need to get packing!" Lacie yells and we run and pack.

Lacie's P.O.V.

I CANNOT FUCKING BELIEVE I'LL BE GOING TO THE CITY OF LOVE!!! with my love !!! "Annnd done!" Luke says zipping the last case. i sit on the bed and Luke comes in front of me "have ever told you you're the best girlfriend ever and the hottest, pretties, most beautiful, sexy woman to walk on the face of the Earth?" he says and i blush "A few times" i wrap my arms around his neck "Have i ever told you that you're the most amazing, sexy, hottest Aussie boy ever?" i ask getting closer to him. Luke lets out a little moan and then picks me up "Come on lets get dressed" he says walking to the closet.its like 12 o'clock and all we did was flirt and pack. i pick out dark denim skinnys, neon green Supras, and a Kermit the frog loose jumper with a black tanktop under it. i leave my glasses and put mascara, eyeliner, and chapstick on. i brush my teeth and hair. today my hair is wavy so i leave it and walk out to see Luke looking sexy and ready to go. "LETS GO TO PARIS!" He yells

*after boring plane ride cuz im a lazy mofo and i lied there will be an epilogue* 

Lacie's P.O.V.

Once we get off we go to this PHENOMINIALL hotel "Its gorgeous" i say in awe once we get into the room. "i know... i have to do something out of the room but you stay here ok i'll see you later baby." Luke says i nod and i kiss him for a minute and he runs out of the room. i get a text  Oh and don't unpack yet <3 love you so much Lace!- your sexy Aussie i reply with an ok ily 2- your hot irish girl and lay on the bed and watch netflix on my laptop.

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