Oh brother!

Lacie and her cousin Hannah go to live with her over protective brother. they meet someone special.


29. Bachelorette Partay!!!!

Hannah's P.O.V.

"Come on Lyds" i say and pick up the energetic toddler. "Momma!!! Dadda!!" She yells. yup she's talking "Did i hear my little princess?" Ash says running in "Dadda!" she giggles "My queen?" he bows to me. i laugh at him and i hand him Lydia. "Dadda wuv you!" she says and plays with his hair "I wuv you too princess!" he says "I wuv you both" i say "Come on Lyds we need that mess of your hair done" i say looking at her long curly locks "like momma hair?" she asks tilting her head. "Sure babee" i say taking her from Ashton. i brush her hair out and make it into a bun "Yayy" Lydia says as i finish. i pick Lydia up and our bags. "Ash we're going" i said louder than usual "Momma did we get my bwanket?" she asks in her cute Aussie/Irish accent. "Here my princess" Ash says running towards us with Lydia's blanket in hand "Bye dadda i go aunty Lacieee's"She says taking her blanket "Bye princess" he tells her and she smiles "Bye babe see you tomorrow" i say and kiss him "Eww" Lydia says pulling her blanket over her head "Love you" I mumble against his lips "Love you more my queen"He mumbles back i giggle a little. we pull away and Ashton walks there with me so i dont get kidnapped again. "Love you my king!" i yell as he runs back to our flat  "Love you too my Queen and Princess!" he yells back i open the door to see Lacie and Luke having a heated mini make out session on the the couch "Not again!" Lydia yells as i close the door "You could have knocked" lacie says as luke gets off of her "Knocking is for babies" i say setting Lyds on the blanket lacie has on the floor for her after i take my NorthFace off of me and Lydia's off of her. Showing Lydia's baby rainbow Hipsta Please sweatshirt. "Look aunty Lacie!! we gots the same shoes!" Lydia yells pointing at her feet. "Oh mah god we do!! Can you guess who got them for you?" Lacie asks sitting next to her "You!" Lydia yells hugging lacie. they both laugh and start playing with the baby toys "Well i'd better get going..... bye hannah" he says walking until Lacie grabs his legs "Noooo uncle Lukeeee!" Lydia says stumbling in front of him, she hold her arms out waiting for Luke to pick her up "Awww" Luke says picking her up as Lacie gets up "Who's your favorite guitar playing uncle?" he asks her "Uncle Ni!!" Lydia yells with her arms up "OK, who your favorite AUSSIE guitar playing uncle?" he asks "Uncle Luke!" She yells again "Correct Lyds!" he says tossing her in the air and catching her. "Luke you're so very lucky you caught her" i tell him recovering the mini heart attack (OW! Giving me a heart attack looking like you do-oooo! sorry had to). "Ok bye baby wuv you" luke says kissing her cheek setting her on her blanket "I'll take this one into the bedroom so little one doesn't whine about PDA" Luke says grabbing Lacie's waist "Good" i say taking out my phone

Lacie's point of view

Luke grabs my waist with a smirk playing against his lips. we walk into our room and i close the door "I'll see you tomorrow and we can finish what we started on the couch?" he asks looking at my lips. "Yes we can" i say kissing the corner of his mouth "You fucking tease" he whispers i get 2 inches away from his face and whisper "But you love it babe" he twists the stud lip ring under his lip and kisses me "Did you take my lip ring?" i ask "I'm not wearing it that'd be weird" he mumbles on my lips. i was gonna wear a stud but i'm going to wear a silver hoop instead (am i the only on who forgot Lacie had a lip ring?) and Luke is going to wear a silver stud.

lacie's outfit:  http://ak2.polyvoreimg.com/cgi/img-set/cid/123704739/id/Avhnwj7p4xGBR46JtP8JyA/size/l.jpg lydia wearing the same shoes


ok so i am cutting 5-6 chappies left to 2-4 sorry!- LuBearHoran

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