Bad Dream

"When this is all over princess, you're gonna wish this was all a bad dream." I felt my eyes grow wide before my world went black.


7. Rescue?


When I snapped back into reality, I saw Mason notice me. Oh no. I didn't even notice he saw me. "Why long time no see Emily." The words slid of his tongue like venom. "I-I..... Hi" I managed. He smirked slightly then brought his hand up, and I flinched. But he just ran it through his dark blonde hair. "You thought I was gonna hit you?" He asked, sounding offended. Wouldn't be the first time fuck face, I thought. I needed a rescue. Badly. There was one person I thought I could slightly trust besides Raegan and AnnaBelle. And that one person just happened to give me his number, randomly sounding protective. I took my phone out of my ripped jeans and unlocked it. Right then, my phone was snatched from my hands. "Trying for help bitch?" He chuckled. "I'm not letting myself make that mistake again" he oozed of evil. He grabbed my wrist so hard I thought it might snap. Mason weaved us throughout the crowd until we entered an abandoned looking neighborhood. He tugged me inside one if the houses that looked abused by an addict. There were broken bottles all over the yard, topped by joints or cigs stomped flat to the sidewalk. It was dark inside. I heard chains then felt cold metal on my wrists and legs. "You're mine for sure now bitch" he whispered in my ear. I really wished I had that rescue.

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