Bad Dream

"When this is all over princess, you're gonna wish this was all a bad dream." I felt my eyes grow wide before my world went black.


2. Hel-looo boysssss


I was pulled down the stairs and I felt my eyes get wide at what I saw. My favorite band of all time was in my living room. I looked at each boy from One Direction individually. They were even sexier in person. "AHHH, SURPRISE HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!" AnnaBelle yelled. I almost forgot, tomorrow is my 18th birthday. "Hey there love" Harry said. "H-hi" I stuttered. "Anything to eat around here" I heard an Irish accent say. I turned to Niall, "I can make something if you'd like?" "Very much thanks. I LIKE HER ALREADY BOYS!" He yelled to the boys who had moved to the dining room on a tour. Suddenly, the door opens and the sexiest, if I may say, guy walks in and stops abruptly. "Sorry for being late lads" And I instantly know it's Zayn. Most of the boys and Raegan file into the small space. Harry and AnnaBelle are nowhere to be seen. Raegan, reading my mind, points to the kitchen and silently smirks. I walk into the kitchen and understand the laugh.

AnneBelles small frame is sitting on the counter with Harry standing in between her legs, making out. "Don't you have to breathe?" I say after a minute or so. They instantly pull apart and AnnaBella looks at the ground, turning a deep shade of red. Niall and Zayn walk into the kitchen, followed by Liam. "What happened here?" Zayn asks. "I was wondering the same thing" Niall and Liam question. "Uh, who wants to watch a film?" Harry suggests, changing the subject. "Uh, yeah. All of them are on the shelf in the living room" "Harry I'll come pick one out with you," AnnaBelle said and jumped from the counter. Me and Zayn chuckled at the same time. Then I actually looked into his eyes.

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