Bad Dream

"When this is all over princess, you're gonna wish this was all a bad dream." I felt my eyes grow wide before my world went black.


9. Dark

When I woke up I could barely remember what had happened. All I remembered was Mason, my wrist hurting, and crying myself to sleep. Once my eyes adjusted, I saw I was in a dank looking room, like a basement. Suddenly, it all rushed back to me. Everything. From hi in taking my phone to feeling the terrifying feel of cold restraint on my wrists and ankles. I heard a loud crashing sound. I listened closely and i then heard nearing footsteps. The door flung open and hit the wall so loud I thought it would leave a hole. Then I saw those ever-so dangerous ice blue eyes of the man who robbed me of my childhood. It made me flinch to even think of his name. Mason

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