Bad Dream

"When this is all over princess, you're gonna wish this was all a bad dream." I felt my eyes grow wide before my world went black.


11. Cast List

Ok so here's what I imagine who the characters are and what they look like.

AnnnaBelle- Alexis (My friend)

Raegan- Raegan (My friend)

Emily- Myself

(All the boys including Perrie and Eleanor playing themselves)

Taylor- Bethany Mota

Mason- Brant Daughtry (Noel Kahn from Pretty Little Liars if that helps)

Cole- Drew Van Aker ( Jason and Ali's big brother from pretty little liars if that helps)

Okay!!! So after more chapters I might add more characters just FYI.... Some characters are new and haven't been introduced butttttt just wait my darlings ;) Love you all and thanks for the views!!! Bai babes


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