Bad Dream

"When this is all over princess, you're gonna wish this was all a bad dream." I felt my eyes grow wide before my world went black.


5. Bad Emily


I woke up snuggled next to a warm, hard surface. I looked up to see it was Zayn. I quickly jumped away from his chest, seeing his arm wrapped around me. It didn't look like it had woken him, so I slowly stood up and tiptoed to the kitchen and pulled out a pan and ingredients to make eggs. I walked to the doorway of the kitchen and living room. Liam was sleeping on the group, Niall and Rae on the love seat, Zayn on one part of the L shaped couch, Morgan and Harry on the other. Zayn looked so adorable, his head on the arm of the couch, legs dangling off the side, and his arm resting where I was minutes before. No, Emily, you can't think this. Can't you remember what Mason did to you? I thought to myself. I can't let that happen again. But he seems so nice and- No Emily! I argued with my self for a couple minutes before a string burning smell reached my nose. CRAP. The eggs! I grabbed the pan handle and dumped the pan into the sink with a loud clatter. Liam, Zayn, Harry, AnnaBelle,Niall, and Rae almost instantly ran into the kitchen, half asleep. "Everything's fine, guys. Go back to bed." I told them. "No, I think we're all up for a bit love." Harry stated. "Was it that loud and dramatic?" I questioned. "Yeah, but it's ok babe lets just go to Nandos mates?" I loved the way Harry called everyone love, babe, or mate. It was so adorable-Emily! No! I mentally slapped myself. "Yeah but I have to go to the market I'll meet you guys there ok?" "Yeah see you there" everyone said. I went upstairs and put on a pink tank, rainbow hot pants, and my black running shoes. I skid down the stairs to see everyone on their way out. "Do you need a ride love? You don't have to run places, you know" Harry smiled a bit. "Thanks, but I kinda like running. In going to pick up the groceries and bring them home. Then I'll run to Nandos." "Be careful" Zayn warned. "Uh, I think I can manage" I smirked. "Well alright princess." He said sarcastically.

When I finally got to the market and saw something I never imagined happening until the day I die.

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