I Love You

Hi, I'm Josie-Anna Marie Devine. Yes I am Josh Devine's lil' sis. I have medium length brown hair. My eyes are greenish blue( sort of like Louis Tomlinson's). People don't like me very much. I only have on
Two friends, their names are Abby and Mercedes. We are not very popular, Until a boy and his band change everything! ~5sos fanfic~


12. Uh oh

All of a sudden, Josh walked in. "Big brother!! I missed you SOOOO much!" I said whilst quickly getting off of Luke. "Who's this?" He asked. "Luke, my friend" I said. "Okay. Get out Luke."  "bye  Josie-Anna." He said glumly as he walked out the door. "LOOK WHAT YOU DID!!!! NOW HE PROBABLY WONT TALK TO ME AGAIN, THIS IS ALL YOU FAULT!!!" I scream at him. "WELL JO, IF YOU WERE JUST FRIENDS  YOU WOULDN'T HAVE BEEN MAKING OUT!!!" He screams at me. "WE WEREN'T MAKING OUT!" "ARE YOU SURE, 'CAUSE IT LOOKED LIKE IT TO ME!" "I FUCKING HATE YOU, AND YOUR OVER PROTECTIVENESS!!" I said as I ran to the stairs. "Josie-Anna-" I cut him off by flipping him off. I ran up the stairs and slammed my bedroom door. At that point I considered suicide.

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