I Love You

Hi, I'm Josie-Anna Marie Devine. Yes I am Josh Devine's lil' sis. I have medium length brown hair. My eyes are greenish blue( sort of like Louis Tomlinson's). People don't like me very much. I only have on
Two friends, their names are Abby and Mercedes. We are not very popular, Until a boy and his band change everything! ~5sos fanfic~


7. Luke is at my house

~lunch time~

It was lunch time, and of course I couldn't find the cafeteria. As always. I stopped and asked for directions from another cute boy. This time he had brown hair and brown eyes. How many cute boys is there at this school, jeesh. "Hi I'm Josie-Anna, I'm new here and I need help finding the cafeteria. Could you help me?" I asked him. " yeah of course I have lunch also. Oh by the way I'm Calum." He said. "nice to meet you." I replied. The rest if the way there, it was that awkward silence everyone hates. He said " here we are the cafeteria." I was so grateful "thank you SO much. I really appreciate it." "It was no big deal Josie-Anna." I went and sat down by Luke without my lunch. I HATE school lunches. Luke just looked at me confused and said"where's your lunch?" " oh um uh." " no need to be nervous love." He laughed not in a teasing mean sort of way but a nice friendly sort of way. I just blushed and looked at my silver combat boots. He just laughed again, I literally could listen to his adorable Australian accent a and laugh. God he was adorable I thought. "Thanks you are too" he said laughing again. "Oh did I say that out loud, or are you physic?" I asked. "You said it out loud love" Calum joined the conversation.

~skip to the end of the day~

Luke came up to me at the end of the day and said "what's your phone number?" "Uhm, 555-674-2259."I replied. "Okay I'll call you later bye Josie-Anna." "Bye Luke" I said sad.

~skip walk home~

Literally 5 minutes after I walked into my massive house I got a text from an unknown number.


Ja-Josie Anna

L- hey Luke xx

Ja- hey Luke :)

L- do you wanna hang out? Luke xx

Ja- sure whose place urs or mine? :)

L- urs Luke xx

Ja- my address is 4109 summer heights road. :)

L- cool I'll be right over

"OMG Luke Hemmings us coming over to MY house" I screamed. Does this means he likes me? I really don't care. Wait maybe I do care a little bit. Just then my doorbell rang, I checked my appearance. I looked TERRIBLE. "Shit" I mumbled under my breath. I quickly ran my fingers through my hair. To make it seem semi decent. I opened the door to find pure perfection. "Uhm come on in" I said hesitantly. "Thanks. Nice place" he said. "thanks, so what do you want to do?" I asked. " we could play FIFA or watch movies" he said. "cool or we could do both?" "sure Josie-Anna." I got the butterflies in my stomach when he said my name. Why is he so darn cute? I really want to know which one of parents genetics that is. I realized I must've looked like an idiot, I was leaning against the wall and staring at Luke. I knew the truth if I fell for him even more I would surely get broken. I couldn't help falling though. He was like a penguin the best animal on planet Earth. "ooh what about spider-man?" He asked. "Sure" I replied carefree. The movie was half-way over when I said "Luke I need to tell you something."

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