I Love You

Hi, I'm Josie-Anna Marie Devine. Yes I am Josh Devine's lil' sis. I have medium length brown hair. My eyes are greenish blue( sort of like Louis Tomlinson's). People don't like me very much. I only have on
Two friends, their names are Abby and Mercedes. We are not very popular, Until a boy and his band change everything! ~5sos fanfic~


14. Haha

Luke's P.O.V.

It's been exactly one year since Josie-Anna and I have talked, I'm actually happy about not seeing her ugly face, and laugh. Haha she thinks I ACTUALLY loved her. She's such a stupid person.. I chuckled at that thought.  

Josie-Anna's P.O.V.

its been exactly 1 year since Luke and I have talked. I still don't talk to Josh. I'm pissed at him. He stinks for doing that to me and my one and only true love. I actually started cutting. At first, it hurt, ALOT. It started to get less painful each time. The truth is I don't really want to stop either.  "Josie-Anna, please come out of your room." Josh asked concerned. Obviously, I haven't came out of my bedroom either. I also haven't even ate. I technically have been starving myself. Josh is starting to worry, ALOT. Until he tells me I can see Luke again, I'm not talking OR eating.

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