I Love You

Hi, I'm Josie-Anna Marie Devine. Yes I am Josh Devine's lil' sis. I have medium length brown hair. My eyes are greenish blue( sort of like Louis Tomlinson's). People don't like me very much. I only have on
Two friends, their names are Abby and Mercedes. We are not very popular, Until a boy and his band change everything! ~5sos fanfic~


15. Authors note

Story took a different road didn't it;) for better or for worse comment and we'll see who's correct. Also name a different celeb for a boyfriend for Josie-Anna. I could care less as long as it's a male. Check out "what they don't know" by mercedestorpeyx please that would make my friend SO happy. It's a one direction fanfic. 

Love you adorable baby penguins.💋😍😊😘😚

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