The Little Dorm Cookbook

Ok I'm in collage.... AND on a diet, Calorie counting. So most people think oh there went all of her calorie count since there is posibly only a microwave and cafateria food since she lives in a dorm... WRONG WAY WRONG. I barely come out of my dorm becouse I had found MANY things that you can make IF you have the right tools AND SOME OF MY RESIPIES USES VEGAN COMPONIES!

Also most of my resipies has eye meserments since I need to tweek some of them. :)


2. Spicy Prom Chicken discovered 3-4-2014

Need: Crock-pot,

Chilly powder,

Promazan cheese,

1 serving (5 nugets) Morning Star Farms Pramazan incrusted chicken

Microwave dish( if cooking rice sepriate in the hurry version)

 4 packeges= 4 Teaspoons- Miss dash

1/2 cup -Fit and Active Wheet rice (or any other rice would do just adjust Calorie count)

Calories: (Not including Prom. Cheese) The ENTIRE DISH 340 calories!

1. Cook the wheat rice normally in the microwave if in a hurry or in the crock pot itself  till the rice is just a tab undercooked to where there are a few still floating on top in the water
2. Drain the water and put the rice in the crock pot & add the morning star parm crusted nuggets PULLED APART INTO BITE SIZES MAKE SURE U KEEP THE CRUMBS INSIDE CROCK POT WHEN PULLING (adds more flavor). If box is used up drain the rest of the crumbs inside the pot.
3. Add  4 packets of miss dash,  VERY LITTLE chili prouder to where there is just enough for a streak of red with an unseen ant hill and a few shakes of promazan cheese  to were it can coat well the mixture.
4. Stir well & splash in some water to let chicken turn moist.
5. Let cook until chicken is moist & fully cooked the water should be gone by then.
6. Stir in needed seasonings listed above if not satisfied & a small layer of parm cheese stir in as well
7. ENJOY!!!

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